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  1. I just started Tazorac around 2 weeks ago. I've been easing into it as recommended (first week once every 3 days, 2nd week once every 2 days, etc.). I've had some peeling on where I've applied it, but I applied it last night and woke up this morning to slightly dry/sort of peeling lips. I didn't apply it anywhere near my mouth (cheeks are the closest I got, and even then it was still far away from my lips). So I was wondering has anyone using tazorac/retinoids in general experienced this? It wa
  2. Just a disaster. I didn't think it would get any worse after my above post, but this is the worst it's been since probably the beginning of November. Convenient right before a big weekend event-wise. I'm having shit pop up in places that have been clear for 6 months.
  3. First, I'm glad to read you are improving! But you say "realistically, it will not last a year"-- maybe in your case, but that's my biggest fear. I've read people's stories on here -- how they've been dealing with this for a decade and, in some cases, even longer. Sure, those may be the rare cases, but it's still scary to think about nonetheless. No, acne isn't permanent, but there is no guarantee that it will go away soon either, and that's my biggest concern. If someone told me right now that
  4. Going to have to respectfully, but strongly, disagree with this statement and the overall analogy. You say it shouldn't effect people emotionally or psychologically, but there are people on this forum who have been made fun of or picked on because of their acne. That falls under bullying, and of course bullying is going to hurt people emotionally and psychologically. In addition, acne often lowers people's self-esteem and makes people think they are less attractive than they normally are
  5. Very despondent? Sure, that works. But maybe add another 10 "very's" to it. And I guess that's a nice way to put it. If I looked like this when I was at my worst, I wouldn't have been as upset as I am now. But with improvement comes raised expectations, and these past few days have been such a let down as a result. It just hurts when you take what appears to be a step backwards. I had gotten pretty good at not even thinking about it as often, because I barely had any actives (and ther
  6. Awful. No, terrible. No, despondent. Ok, what's worse than despondent? I was pretty much clear. At most I had one active zit at a time over a period of a month, nothing major, and a huge, huge improvement from when I was at my worst. I have a lot of PIH, but I was so excited to go back to the dermatologist and ask him if he thought i was ready to focus more, or solely on, my PIH, since it appeared that my acne had pretty much subsided. Then at the end of this week, one pops up by my lip,
  7. I've never skipped class because of it, but I've *occasionally* thought about my skin in class (though for the most part being in class helps me take my mind off it). Someone posted this question a while ago, and I'm not sure if it'll help, but it makes sense: It may take a little longer than you expected for you to clear up -- in the meantime though, what would your rather have? Lower grades than you are otherwise capable of getting + acne or great grades + acne? If you go to class now, you
  8. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I get to school and my skin looks so much worse. Even with my makeup I can't tell from home how it'll look at school. I once thought I had found a perfect concealer match for my skin tone, got to school, looked in the mirror, and had hideous cakey pale, purplish dots of the concealer on my face. It didn't match my skin at all. After winter break, I thought my acne had made a big improvement, but I got to school, and no improvement. At all. Yeah -- it's really fru
  9. I could have written this exact thing -- almost word for word. I manage to focus in class (actually helps take my mind off of it), and I still wouldn't drop out even with no consequences, but everything else is spot on. I wrote a few days ago in this thread that the mirrors here make my hyperpigmentation look so much worse than the mirrors at home, and that was a huge blow as I got back thinking I had improved a good amount (relatively speaking). Over the past 48 hours though, I've just been
  10. Don't take this the wrong way, and maybe I'm just imagining things, but your posts the past two days are a lot more optimistic/positive than before (not that they were pessimistic before or anything, just they are more optimistic now), haha. Good to see, though right now I'm the most pessimistic about my acne/PIH situation that I've been in a long time, heh.
  11. Awful. I've thought that my mirrors at home "play tricks" on me for whatever reason--the type of mirror, the lighting, whatever (though it's like 5-6 mirrors all in places with different amounts of lighting, so who knows). The mirrors at college make my hyper pigmentation/the few actives I have look WAY worse than the ones at my house (which make them look relatively decent, though still pretty bad). Well, I just got back to school today, and boom...down goes whatever optimism I had. It l
  12. I've read through a decent amount of this thread over the past few weeks and I saw some posters who I don't see post that often anymore (since this thread spans back to 2009). It was sad to see so many people down and defeated. I hope their lack of posting means they're finally clear and have no need for this place anymore.
  13. I'm not sure why, but I can't stop laughing when I see that cat.
  14. That particular line hit home to me as I do it so, so much. It feels like I'm going nuts sometimes, telling myself 'in the future it will be fine' or 'it will have gone by blahblahblah' doesn't help me it just seems like everything is in slow motion when you want to fast forward parts of your life like that, resulting in the present time being even worse than it should be. I wouldn't say I have hit rock bottom before, but I have come pretty damn close. You have to keep going, even when you
  15. Hey Paul, First, I'm glad to hear you think you have found what works for you! Second, you're right -- maybe "laugh" was not the best wording. I agree, I've had some rough, rough days where I have just felt awful, and there's nothing funny about that. Perhaps "look back and breathe a sigh of relief that you finally have beaten it" would have been better, heh. I just need to stop looking in the f***ing mirror so often. Sometimes I like what I see (relatively speaking, of course, in terms o