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  1. Hi, Please can someone help me? I'm 28, live in England and have had acne extremely well controlled for 11 years with Dianette (also known as Diane 35). Before this I tried topical and oral antibiotics with no luck. I'm finally taking the risks of Dianette seriously and want to come off it. But i'm scared of having the acne come back. I've tried to come off before but my skin got worse so I went back on Dianette again. I haven't talked to my GP for a decade - i've just had repeat prescri
  2. Ridiculously long thread title but I couldn't think of a decent short title that said what I wanted it to say. I am 25 and had mild-moderate acne since my early teens. I was put on antibiotics and Retin-A (made the skin on my face crack and bleed and benzoyl peroxide. Then they put me on Dianette and my skin miraculously cleared up. I have been on Dianette for nearly 10 years. I changed doctors when I moved out of my parents home and discovered that no other doctors would prescribe it to
  3. Another vote for Dianette. It completely cleared my skin up. I stopped wearing make up because I didn't need it! My skin was beautiful. There is a down side though. It increases your DVT risk which means your blood is more likely to clot and this clot can kill you if it travels to your brain, if you get a clot that doesn't kill you, it can still have devastating effects. Most doctors (In England at least) will only prescribe it for a maximum of 6 months because of this. I must have slipped thro