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  1. Here in the UK we are restricted. I get a months worth at a time....& I certainly wouldn't buy stuff off the internet. Accutane is pretty harsh.....I'm sure there must be some research on the long term effects
  2. I'm on accutane & dry lips are a real problem!!! The lip balms don't seem to work for me (although Burts Bees seem to be the better ones) Vaseline just doesn't seem to sink in & I have to reapply every 10 minutes. My top 3 are: 1. Blistex MedLip (£2) Sinks in like a dream, makes your lips tingly, cheap, easy to get hold of & tastes ok 2. Clarins Lip Quench (£17) beautiful lip treatment would be my number 1 but is too expensive & not easy to get hold of!! 3. Blistex Intensiv
  3. Hello I use Estée Lauder Double Wear. I have moderate cystic acne..this foundation, although pricey (£28 here in the UK) is fabulous. Great coverage & lasts all day
  4. Hey Not sure if you are UK or US based. I'm based in England. I found 2 products...one splurge Clarins Lip Quench (£17) & one save....Blistex MedLips (£2) I tend to find that vaseline doesn't sink properly...but hey, that may just be me!!!
  5. Hey Kody I hope you've decided to stick with it. I'm currently in week 9 & I started seeing good results about 2 weeks ago. I have moderate cystic acne & have tried everything on the market here in the UK. I have all the usual side effects but hey! No active spots for the last 2 weeks
  6. Hi I usually get my brows threaded but I find it much more painful than waxing. I did have my eyebrows plucked & shaped during my 3rd week on accutane....such a mistake...the skin around my eyebrows was so sore & I had tiny little scabs. It was not my best look!! Looks like I'm back to threading!!!
  7. Hey Dan My dermatologist recommended to take my pills in the morning with breakfast....they mentioned porridge.