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  1. UPDATE: this will be my last time posting on this as my acne is now 90% healed and gone. I still have acne scars, although minimal, you can tell I was an acne sufferer. Every once in a while I get a little spot that dissappears within the same day. I suffered since my junior year of high school (severe) and am now in my junior year of college. The only thing that had any success was stopping facial cleansers and cleaning products all together. Seriously people - I wish I would have nev
  2. Lots of good discussion. Vanbelle (sp?) I know exactly what you are talking about. What I have learned is that I actually don't have completely oily skin but a mixture of oily/dry. Although, my whole face is peeling and turning discolored. I have not washed my face with facewash is nearly 2 months. Every time I get in the shower I wash my face with hot water and let it air dry. Usually only shower once a day, if I get sweaty I will take another. What I have noticed is that I don't get acn
  3. I started posting here around Christmas and had some pretty severe (imo) breakouts. Around april I started washing my face once a day and by early may I stopped washing my face with face wash altogether. It has been since May 8 since I used face wash on my face and my acne has healed considerable. I am not able to do the no wash method because I live on a island and go to the beach rather frequently. I don't like sand + salt so I just wash it off. What I have noticed is my skin is extremely
  4. I posted here a while back, around christmas time. I had suffered from a severe (imo) breakout and set up an appointment with the derm. Derm prescribed me doxycycline 100 mg/day (which is weird because im 6'1 170 pounds). Fast forward to february. Acne began to subside very little but was still raging on my face. Decided to go to another derm near campus and she decided to prescribe me minocycline 100mg/2xday. I decided I was going to finish my doxy until my face broke out in what is admit
  5. A little about my history with acne. Around age 16 I got my first signs of acne. Very large cysts, inflammation, scarring. Went to see a dermatologist and was prescribed tazorac, doxycyclin (sp?), and benzaclin. Acne healed within a few months and all was good for a few months until I stupidly stopped using the medications and thought that I had outgrown the acne. Age 17. Acne came back with a vengeance right before high school graduation. Went back to dermatologist and was put back