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  1. haha alright ill give it a try. I didn't really have an initial breakout (Its different for each persons skin) so idk what to tell you. Im starting month 3 and its really taking a change on my life. lol It not fun and your soon be getting really really dry skin and it will hurt like hell to talk or even eat-so thats annoyin right their. Um my arms have a rash on them (If u have been readin my other posts ahah:) and thats not fun at all, going around school with rash's on my arms. So just be prep
  2. Going good my face is really starting to clear up and i'm actually happy for once not to have any blackheads and all that disgusting, nasty stuff all over my face. my lips are really chapped and when i wake up i have some white stuff by my face because the accutane is actually really starting to work and my face is always dry, but idk how to relieve that cuz it hurts in school when i try to eat or even open my mouth to talk.
  3. haha yea u gotta stock up. Lip stuff is goin be our best friends for the next 5 months:)
  4. So its going good, i have a headache which sucks and it gets pretty annoying because it comes up every other day sorta. Face broke out last night and my arms got really rashly and my whole arm was filled with a rash (guess only at night when i sleep the rash is really their); because i woke up this morning (25 min ago) and my arms are not rashly; but they aren't as bad as yesterday. But to say about my face its getting better each and everyday and i just hope its all over soon:) WISH ME LUCK:))
  5. sorry about the long wait. really busy and everything, its crazy! so my update is good i guess.... my lips are really really chapped and the rash on my arm (right) keeps coming and going and whenever it comes back it gets worse and i always gotta hide it as much as possiable. My face is starting to breakout so idk whats going on their....i just want this to end, i actually thought about stoping because its starting to get really really annoying, but i know that in the long run it will work out f
  6. alright yea sorry everyone its been awhile and I'm really busy with my new semester and everything. so a really quick update- my lips are getting very dry in the morning and chap stick's are becoming my best friend ahah! no more headaches and i can see that the rash that was their 5days ago went away finally. if you are thinking about taking this drug, you will have alot of problems in the first month because its just the accutane getting into your body and getting ready to change your life. Don
  7. I went to the derm. monday and they said everything is going well, i should be done by summer because my mom was worried that in the summer you cant go outside cuz of the sun and accutane don't go well together. They looked at the rash and said it was totally normal so they gave me a prescription for "Vanos". The itching has stopped and i think its starting to go away. other then that nothing else to report, same old with the chipped lips and oily skin. I can also see that some Pimples are comin
  8. alright so yea alot to tell everyone! last night i was itching like crazy on my arm and i know its not poison ivy because i wasn't near any last night. Now this morning i have some rash. (ill put a pic up). its really itchy and my parents said not to itch it, of course and my lips are cracked and i'm using Vaseline all the time now... also my face is starting to break out i think so it might actually be getting to the breakout stage, but i still can't tell!!! If anyone can comment telling me
  9. Really, Really, Really Dry Lips... doesn't feel good at all; every time i talk it hurts and its really starting to annoy me..... just wanted to let everyone who reads this that the dry lips start really early in treatment not a month like other people say. Also my face is starting to get alot better and idk if its oily yet eaither-just the dry lips are a big factor. Derm. on monday for check-up! Just gotta keep holding my head up high!
  10. sorry i've been really busy. Quick Update: my lips have been really, really chaps and this started two days ago (Day5-Sunday). my face is starting to get oily and last night i saw these two pimples really come out and now its gone so i think its getting to the point where its starting to maybe break out... idk though!!!! i just still can't believe side effects are happening so early, when i was reading posts, and watching videos people said it took a month for all this to happen. guess my body i
  11. i know i always do these posts the morning because i always see something in the morning and not during the day (in school). so this morning i actually just woke up and i have a little pain in my stomach. I can see my face getting clearer each day so i know this drug is working, but i mean is this common to have side effects so early on Once/Day 40MG of Claravis.... Comments Welcomed!!!
  12. WOW so i don;t know if this is from not going to diving for about a week and just started last night.... but my left lower-back joints are really painful and its even hard to walk. skin is getting better i think, idk though!! lips are starting to get dry but not like bad..yett! I know theirs nothing to report but i still wanna make sure i go though each day explaining whats going on (even if theirs nothing) so anyone that is new to Accutane can know my story.