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  1. Yay no break outs :D About the shallow scarring, I have the same thing unfortunately and accutane makes a lot of people scar more easily :( I hope it will plump up a bit, but to be honest I think it's going to stay the same. I really want to try the apple cider vinegar thing, but probably not the best thing to do while on accutane.
  2. I just wanted to let you guys know, I always take really hot showers (which isn't good for your skin anyway but I've never had a problem with it), but lately I've been getting broken capillaries on my face. I think the combination of accutane making my skin more fragile and the hot showers is what caused them. So just wanted to warn you not to use really hot water, but also not extremely cold. Luke warm water is optimal. Don't know if this is helpful to anyone, but preventing these is better t
  3. No, you shouldn't worry about them at all Your skin looks great and baby smooth skin on a guy isn't a great look, I think
  4. Maybe you can start with only wearing concealer? I used to wear a full coverage foundation, but now I only conceal the worst parts and the end result isn't flawless, but it makes me feel a little bit more comfortable than being bare faced.
  5. Maybe because you were lying down most of the time? When I wake up in the morning my face looks more plump and more even.
  6. I'm still on accutane, so i can't tell you anything yet sorry!
  7. For me, it was easier cutting out sugar cold turkey. I'm that person who can't have a little piece of chocolate, I want the whole bar I didn't cut out gluten at the same time though (don't know if you're planning to cut that out). After about a month i cut out pasta, potatoes and rice and about a month after that I cut out bread. It's not thát hard though and I do sometimes eat something bad like on a birthday or in a restaurant, but I try to just eat a small amount. It's sweet of your husban
  8. Your skin looks really similar to mine! I too can't capture it on pictures, with the flash it just totally blanks everything out and without it it's kind of blurry. Crappy camera I haven't really looked into dermarolling, but if you're going to try it I would love to see your progress
  9. Thanks for the tip I looked at the info on subcision here, but I see it's mostly for rolling scars. I think mine are more boxcar. Plus the risk of hypertrophic scarring kind of scares me.
  10. I don't have any advice, but just wanted to say you're still very pretty And I think you're wearing foundation in the pictures, keep in mind that although foundation can conceal discoloration, it often makes uneven skin texture seem more apparent.
  11. It's probably not rosacea, but the redness is a common side effect. It's supposed to wear off after you stop, so I would just carry on
  12. I'll probably post some pictures tomorrow when I'm not wearing makeup so you can see what my skin really looks like. My last visit to my dermatologist I was almost completely clear so she wouldn't put me on Accutane, but I didn't even go to specifically ask for it. She brought it up but because I told her my issues with my pore size but said my skin wasn't bad enough to get it and suggested I get a chemical peel to help my pores (which did nothing, btw). The problem with this is that since my sk
  13. thrillpink

    female hair

    I used to shave my face all the time too lol unfortunately my skin didn't like it and I ended up with folliculitis which is irritating and not pretty. I stopped shaving about 2 months ago now and my skin looks sooo much better! Finally got rid of folliculitis and my acne itself seems to be going away! [Edited image out] but it's probably temporary as my skin likes to trick me every so often, making me think I'm getting clear You're seriously lucky you can shave without any problem
  14. You have to stop generalizing. You act as if women all act the same and think exactly a like. Every single person is different and not all women will ignore you.
  15. I bought this the other day but how do you guys rub this in? It goes on super flaky on my skin (and I exfoliated beforehand) and it leaves a white cast (probably because of spf). It looks good from a distance but up close it looks terrible xD