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  1. Brian I'm into my 3rd week (also work out daily) and the first two weeks I kept getting pretty large nodular like bumps daily it seems that is just our luck in the whole purging process. Do leave them alone I only popped one that came to a head and it went away rather quickly after that but most are under the skin, raised like you said resembling a bruise and quiet red and tender to the touch. I did find dabbing on Manuka Honey (found at Vitamin Shoppe) helped more then anything else and I start
  2. I've been using Manuka Honey +16 I found at Vitamin Shoppe and it has worked wonders for me in just one week
  3. After some reading on this forum I purchased some Head and Shoulders to help with the drying scalp. I'm starting week 3 and get the occasional itch from the scalp my concern is that is has both the bad SLS ingredients. I have been using non SLS soaps and shampoo for months now so will this be okay I don't want to solve one problem to create another. Also I'm noticing how big my pores are on my face is it due to the lessening of oil in them and now you can see them as to how they really are?? T