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  1. You can take caffeine on an empty stomach? That always gives me horrible cramps. Yeah, I think it can be good for digestion if you wait 30 mins-1 hour after eating before you drink. And you can drink right before you go to bed if you want to wake up in the morning without an alarm clock.
  2. I tried the no eating/drinking at the same time thing for a few weeks. It was really effective after the first week (no new pimples at all), but then i eventually started getting acne anyway, so I stopped. It was also kind of a bitch to do.
  3. DAY 8: This is very... interesting. I haven't used any Tazorac since day 4 or 3, and I've been taking 1000 mg/day of Omega 3/Fish oil and using Benzaclin at night. My acne has almost completely cleared up. I have no active acne on my chin or cheeks, and only a few red marks on my cheeks from acne that went away a while ago. I've felt great about myself for the past few days. This is the clearest I've been in maybe a year, and it's also the first time I haven't been taking Retin-A, Differin, o
  4. DAY 4: MMMkay...took a shower this morning...a layer of skin just came right off my chin. It burns horribly, it's all red, and i'm breaking out. I'm seeing stuff that was very similar to what was happening when I was on Retin-A Micro (which I took for 4 months and made my acne worse overall), that is, pimples that start off tiny and then become huge after 6-10 hours. I think I'm going back to the dermatologist to ask for the lesser concentration. Why must my skin be so sensitive?!
  5. Yeah, I love Radiohead <------ Johnny Greenwood
  6. At night and in the shower I use Clean and Clear foaming facial cleanser. I use Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil Free Moisture in the morning and at night in the areas I don't apply the Taz, and I spot treat with Benzaclin in the morning. Thanks so much for the encouragement.
  7. DAY 2: First kind of breakout today. Thank god it's a Sunday and I didn't have to go to school or see anyone. Two new pimples and a tender red mark were on my chin when I woke up this morning, so I applied Benzaclin on those small areas. It's about 5 PM now and the pimples are turning yellowish-brown, which usually means they're fading and dying away. Sweet. The red spot will probably pop into a pimple tomorrow though. Arg. No new active acne on my cheeks; only red marks from acne that went a
  8. I went to the derm yesterday and got a prescription for Tazorac 0.1% cream and 50 mg/day Minocycline. I had been on Differin for three months, but it didn't work very well. I also sometimes use Benzaclin in the morning as a spot treatment, but I like to moisturize instead as much as possible after showering in the morning or else my skin becomes very dry and flaky. I'm 17 and I've had mild/moderate (depending on the day) acne for a few years now, since maybe age 13-14. I've been on Tretinoin
  9. Thanks. Funny to think about it that way though. Maybe I wouldn't have any acne now if had just never used any medications when everything started
  10. Most of the time before I go to sleep at night, I put on both moisturizer and medication (tazorac). I've never gotten acne on my nose and forehead, so I moisturize in those areas, and I apply the taz to my cheecks and chin. There's nothing wrong with this, right?
  11. Wow-- that is amazing to hear, because... I'm almost the exact same shoes as you. I had mild acne before going on differin, but over 3 months it's gotten worse, so I saw the derm today. He prescribed me tazorac and minocycline. Thanks for your post! This is really encouraging for me. Oh yeah-- how much taz do you put on at night? what time of day do you take your doxy?
  12. Hey amnesiac-- are you a radiohead fan??