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  1. I have one of those but it doesnt hurt when i touch it. i've had it for over a month now and it seems like it'll be there for quite some time. sucks!
  2. you dont have to stop using gel but dont get any on your forehead.
  3. do you use any type of gel on your hair? that might be the cause of it.
  4. Im just curious to see if there are any here, it seems like there are none.
  5. just out of curiosity, how old is your sister?
  6. Dont lose hope, you're 14 and your body is going through puberty and its normal for a girl of your age to break out. Just deal with it for awhile, its not the worse thing in the world. There are people out there who are blind, phisically disabled, dying of AIDS, or worse. The best way to fight it is by trying to see the positives about life and not let the negatives bring you down. even if you dont have alot of confidence at times, respect yourself and love who you are because you're better off
  7. Im a 20 year old male with mild acne. I've been using clearsil's face wash for over a month now and my acne has been under control since i've been on it. I also drink lots of water daily and exersize for about an hour or two every other day. and last but not least, try and remain positive about life even when it seems to be at its worst. and be sure to pray and have faith.
  8. I drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day and from looks of things its safe to say that it has absolutely no negative effects on my acne. and i dont use moizterizer or anything like that, all i use is the cleanser and thats all i need.
  9. Yea, you prbably want to stick with the one you're using at the moment since it only has been a week since you been on it. If you see that it has failed to improve your skin in a month or two then i would suggest switching to clearsil. i have had positive effects with it and i would highly recommend it for anyone with mild acne, which is what i have and its been under control since i've been on it. and yes drinking water helps a great deal so drink as much as you can. as for BP, i haven't tried
  10. hm, does it take about over a month for a cyst to disapear? I think i have one but its under the skin i mean really under that i can barely notice it but i can feel it.
  11. would be nice if someone would post here a link to a picture of a cyst so we can get a clear idea of what a cyst really looks like.
  12. perhaps you were just blushing , did you speak witha pretty girl when you went to take out the trash?
  13. i dont think acne is a disease to beging with, its just a skin disorder. and it sounds like you have a mild case of acne which shouldn't be difficult to treat. what i suggest is just use clearsil face wash for a month and you should notice some improvements. thats what im using right now and i've been having little to no breakouts since i started using clearsil. you should atleast give it a try and if it works for you. shouldn't cost more than $5usd and it'll last you a month if you use it 3-2 t