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  1. Have you gone to a dermatologist? My friend years ago had something that looked familiar to what you have and it turned out not to be acne but some type of bacterial infection or something like that. She went on an antibiotic for a few weeks and then she was good.
  2. The niacinmide I take is prescribed by my derm. I believe it's 700 mg ( I could be totally wrong). I haven't taken it in a few weeks because I'm too lazy to drop off my prescription but when my derm prescribed me my vitamins I had no pimples at the time but my face would still break out. But once I started taking them, I'd say it took like 2 to 3 months for me to see my face consistently clear. Oh and I forgot to add! The vitamins she prescribes me is niacinamide and it has folic acid, cupric
  3. I think so. I take niacinmide and my face is clear BUT mine is prescribed by my dermatologist so it's strength is much stronger then what you can buy.
  4. Are you taking the vitamins for your acne? and has it worked? I take niacinmide ( with Zinc and Folic Acid) and my acne is gone.
  5. I would not consider that to be a cyst whatsoever! there's a huge whitehead in that! it actually looks super fun to pop. Whenever I get one of those pimples with a huge whitehead, i pop it, it flys on the mirror(i know I'm gross), i'll put some witch hazel on it, and then it's basically gone. it's still red and at times it's still inflamed but the next day it's usually just a red mark. or it may need to be drained a second time but all the red around it is irritation. not the actually pimple but
  6. No its actually Niacinmide with Zinc, folic acid and cupric acid. It's a vitamin B complex
  7. My dermatologist hates to give me antibiotics. I used to go to another doctor in her office, and he had me on spiro, but then I started to go to her and she took me off of it. Which I was kinda pissed about cause my skin was perfect. She now prescribes me vitamins and they're awesome. I actually never really heard of anyone else's doctor prescribing them vitamins for acne, but honestly, they work just as good as Spiro did for me, and I have no side effects and since they're vitamins, you don't b
  8. I've actually wondered this myself! 3 years ago when I went to a dermatologist, he rated my acne as moderate and I thought he was crazy. He then later explained that he did this for two reasons. Because of my age, I was 22 at the time, and because although I only had 3 pimples, one was a cyst. He said that since I was 22 years old my acne was persistent (I didn't agree with him on that since I only started getting pimples maybe 6 months before) and the fact that I had a cyst. Which I thought was
  9. I've never used it for a cyst, but I have for a splinter and it worked amazing! so it's worth a try!
  10. Hey. How old are you? Are you in your early twenties because while I did have a minor problem with acne during my teenage years, I had clear skin from the age of 16 to 21 and then I started getting hormonal acne, so it may be your hormones. Also, have you recently taken anything that may have affected your body? I say this because this happened to me twice. The first time was two years ago. I was going on vacation, and while I'm skinny and I know I am, I just wanted to shed a few pounds without
  11. I really laughed out loud when I read this! I would probably have a heart attack if she was my derm. I'm addicted to my eos chapstick and what is she, a dentist now too? Maybe colgate has flouride in it and I know that some people say that it could cause acne but I usually use Crest so I guess I'm good..but I would die if this woman was my dermatologist lol..I would hate not having an appointment. How does she find your chart when it's your turn to go? and she's seen patients at 2 am? omgg lol..
  12. Yes! Make an appointment with a dermatologist. They really can help. A few years ago when I went to a dermatologist, they classified my acne as moderate and I literally only had 3 or 4 pimples on my face, but it was hormonal and persistent(actually it really wasn't but I had a bad chin breakout during this time with one cyst but because of my age they said persistent). I'm assuming, they would rate yours either as moderate or severe. Honestly, acne sucks but you're better off treating it before
  13. Gator, I take these vitamins called niacinmide. My acne was mild when I was prescribed it; I would only have maybe one or two tiny peoples at a time, but since I've started taking them, I only get maybe 1 or 2 tiny pimples a month that are gone in like 2 days and thats honestly only because I rarely take them because I'm extremely forgetful and lazy when it comes to it lol. I'll see my face is pimple free and I won't take it for like a week, and then I'm like o crap! i should take one of the vi
  14. My dermatologist prescribes me vitamins and there's folic acid in it, and it has really helped me! (there's also other vitamins in it as well)..but honestly, my hair and nails grow super fast now, my skin is crystal clear 99 percent of the time, and my eyelashes are now super long! so it really might now be the folic acid that's making you break out.