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  1. It won't hurt to go above that recommendation with ALCAR, it has a host of other benefits that are more pronounced at 1-1.5 g/dose.
  2. Freak out much? Doctors don't just cut people open and steal their organs, they'll only do it if they have GOOD reason. Think about appendicitis, a life threatening condition that will kill someone unless they have their appendix removed. Is that just a doctor just having fun? I like a lot of advice on this forum, but only a select few seem to have advice worth hearing. A large majority of people on here are sensationalist morons who do more harm than good.
  3. Smoking and drinking are NOT equally as bad. Yes, they are very harmful, but they do not cause as extreme of side effects in such a short period of time as accutane does.
  4. Thanks, this makes me feel better about vitamin a. Was your skin oily before taking vitamin a? How long before it started working? My skin was never very oily before, my nose got it a little but the rest of my face was pretty balanced. What I did notice was my scalp got really dry and my lips were consistently chapped, so I used a lot of chap stick and jojoba oil to help with that. As well as making sure I got plenty of sun exposure for Vitamin D, and ate plenty of veggies to get enough Vitamin
  5. After looking around it seems to be more common that people seem to think. That's not to say I'd do it unless I was completely desperate, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as some of you are making it seem. If it works for some, why not let them do it? It may help you as well, never know unless you try.
  6. But what about the people who already eat plenty of vegetables and never eat anything unhealthy, and still have horrible skin? What are we supposed to do? 25,000 iu's a day doesn't sound so bad... I ran higher levels of 75,000-100,000IU's of it for a couple months. Safe to say that it completely helped my acne, I experienced almost no new comodones and when I did they were tiny and disappeared after a day. As for support during those months I ran 2-3 caps of Now NAC a day, combined with 1-2 500
  7. In the US it's a prescription drug to my knowledge too. TUDCA, on the other hand, is a slightly different compound that works about as good. I know there are a couple differences and I can't remember for sure, but i think TUDCA is supposed to be less harmful than UDCA. You'd also have to worry about the effect it has on cholesterol as that can have negative health effects as well. I definitely wouldn't call it a "liver flush" in a bottle, but it could be a great supplement in short term cycles
  8. The protein recommendation is interesting. I have to say though, weight gain IS as simple as calories in > calories out. That's not adding health factors in, obviously; but simple gain of weight, fat or lean tissue, is dependent on the amount of calories consumed in a day.
  9. Are you sure, AndersCh1m? I remember reading some studies about it long ago. I don't recall what exactly it was about, but I sure remember that too much wasn't exactly good for your kidneys. Maybe it's outdated research? Does anyone have more up to date research about this? http://www.biolayne.com/uncategorized/myths-surrounding-high-protein-diet-safety/ If you don't know who Layne is, he holds a PHD in Protein synthesis, I'll use that as a quick reference as I'm in a hurry. The medical studies
  10. The thing is, not everyone who uses natural or synthetic androgens gets acne.
  11. As I was reading through the study on eggs, even at a glance it looked flawed. Thanks for the assistance there guys. Good to hear. I just don't see a point in wasting money on that much protein unless you're eating in a big caloric deficit, you weight 300+ lbs of pure muscle, or you have a significantly increased protein synthesis rate. I'd suggest at the very least dropping your protein intake down until you see a significant drop in results. Protein in a caloric deficit is more necessary not
  12. Try Soy Protein Isolate, or Whey isolate. Both are highly refined, Whey Isolate contains little to no lactose, and Soy Isolate has almost no phytoestrogen compounds left. It depends on the cost really, there are other vegetable sources like Pea, or Hemp, or Brown Rice, but they are harder to flavor or find reliable suppliers. As in the protein that the human body can't digest? Are you running steroids that significantly increase protein synthesis? Or in a huge caloric deficit? Why's that? Don
  13. I usually go for Controlled Labs Oximega fish oil, it can usually be found for ~13$ a bottle. I get it for the concentration of DHA and EPA, but Nordic Naturals also has a great concentration of those. I'm not sure if those are the Omega 3's best for skin, but I think I remember reading something about too high a dose of Omega 3s can lead to serious side effects like immunosuppresion and blood thinning.