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  1. I understand about the insurance. If you can I would either go to your family for help, find a clinic who takes patients without insurance, try a teaching hospital, something. Your symptoms could be serious...if you are 18 and your teeth are breaking off in chunks it could be indicative of a serious bone problem. Untreated, the bills and potential disability could be horrible. You could also have issues with something like thyriod function which can also be serious. Testing may be expensive
  2. I have had acne for my entire adult life until I went gluten free. I have been to a million derms and not one suggested gluten may be a cause of acne. I had no GI symptoms from gluten, only acne. My skin is perfect now...I could have saved myself a ton of money. As for easy gluten free foods...there are many processed Thai foods that are gluten free. I also buy gluten free pasta which makes an easy dinner. Also Risotto. There are stores like whole foods that sell packaged gluten free di
  3. My acne was caused by gluten. As soon as I cut out gluten my skin cleared completely. I am afraid that you have some bigger absorbtion issues going on and acne is the least of your problems. Clearly your bones are being effected by whatever is going on which could have serious consequences. There could be a mutitude of things that could cause these symptoms, thyroid issues, vitamin D deficiency, food alleregies, lyme disease, fibromayalgia ect. In short, you need medical attention to find o
  4. liz90210

    I Give Up!

    Hi CVD: Don't give up. I am convinced this is something internal. For me, I gave up gluten and my skin is completely clear...I have never looked like this in my life and I am in my 40's. I know you have given up gluten and dairy ect....you need to find what it is. I have had success eating raw pineapple when I was breaking out to calm things down, I still take a bromelain supplement. I also take vitamins A, E, zinc, and E. I drink ginger tea and green tea which also help with infalamma
  5. I am 40 and just solved my acne issue this year. I have been to derms all of my life and tried almost everything including accutane. What I realized for me is that this is an internal inflammation issue....in my case I was allegic to gluten/wheat. Once I stopped eating gluten/wheat my skin was and is perfect. You can read many stories on here about diet. Gluten is the cause of a lot of acne For some, cutting out gluten does nothing for them. What I will say is that to determine if gluten
  6. Hi Over: I am over 40 (boy that sounds old:) and have been dealing with acne my whole life. I finally got so fed up with it all I too went on the same quest you did. I was convinced it was diet related. I cut way back on dairy and sugar, this didn't do much. I eat a pretty healthy diet anyway, little to no processed food. I started taking supplements (A, E, zinc, Bromelain (pineapple extract), and D) I am still taking those supplements. The real change for me came when I cut out gluten!
  7. I agree with Gia...you may have a food allergy. The usual triggers are dairy, gluten, sugar. For me personally, I was breaking out due to gluten (wheat, barley, rye). My skin is perfect now...it has never looked like this....and no doctor even suggested cutting gluten or food allergy issues. Many people get tested for food allergies.....with gluten, many peope test negative for a gluten allergy and really are allergic to gluten. The only way to really know is to cut outall gluten and see wh
  8. Emily: The one thing I will caution you on regarding gluten...many people test negative for a gluten allergy yet are sensitive to gluten. I would not trust the test in this regard. The only way to know is to cut gluten out entirely and see what happens. I noticed a difference right away...I would give it 3 weeks to be sure. If gluten is your issue I promise you will stick to it.....my skin has NEVER looked like this. As I said, if gluten is your trigger and you are still ingesting it in
  9. I have been able to clear my acne....the source of it was eating gluten (wheat) which is hidden in everything, it is even in soy sauce so you have to be very careful. That is why you can get a breakout from a bagel. I am still drinking coffee. I switched from milk to Almond milk which is dairy free and way less calories. I eat a little dairy but it is very little (ie a little cheese on salad). The results have been amazing for me....this won't work for everyone, but if you break out from a
  10. CVD: I saw that you had a break out after much success on your diet. I would encourage you to still stick with it. What I have seen with my skin is that many times when eating out or traveling you can eat something that effects your skin and not even know it. You will break out, then it resolves and no new acne forms when you go back to eating at home. (for me I can pin the break out to something I have eaten as I always had new acne forming before I went gluten free.) I hope this helps.
  11. Emily: best of luck and keep us posted. One thing I will say about gluten is that it is hidden in everything. I know you said that you did cut out wheat, but gluten is even hidden in soy sauce or non gluten containing items processed on equipment that processes wheat products. I can say, for me, I will break out if I get hidden gluten...so if you just cut back or cut down on wheat or cut out bread and pasta but still got trace amounts in things like soy sauce....you may want to try the whe
  12. I agree with many of the above posters....there is something going on with your body either hormonally or diet/allergy related. Your skin is trying to tell you something, you just need to figure out what it is. I would definitely change physicians if he/she will not give you a referral to an endocrinologist or a derm....you need to take this to the next level. I also agree you may want to get allergy tested. For me, I figured out that gluten was the source of my acne and it has made a big di
  13. eastie: I was clear while I was on accutane. I started to break out maybe 2-3 years post accutane. I was also clear for a while on bc pills except right before my period, then 3 years ago this stopped working as well. Interestingly enough, my skin looked the best during both of my pregnancies....not one break out...similar to accutane, however, I don't recommend it unless you want a baby lol! When my break outs became consistant on the pill I decided to go the diet approach out of sheer
  14. I have had what I thought was hormonal acne all my life. I am 40, have been through it all from accutane, the pill, all topicals, antibiotics you name it. The only time my skin was perfect was when I was pregnant. My skin, even on the pill, would break out at the same cycle in the pills...I really thought there was nothing I could do about this. I did some internet research and decided to really cut back on dairy (I eat some cheese on salad for example, but switched to Almond milk for my cof
  15. wow CVD, when I saw that list I was like....really....all I am dealing with is gluten.....why am I complaining? lol! The more I am on this sight I am convinced the drs are clueless and this is a diet issue. Keep us posted on your progress, but it sounds like you are on your way to being really clear...that's great. These things can take time and things can be hidden in food which makes it hard. Thanks for posting your supplement list. I am taking a lot of those including the Bromelain. I am