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  1. Jenny312

    Aha Products At Cvs?

    I can't find any AHA products/glycolic acid products in CVS? Does anyone know of any there?
  2. Jenny312

    Body Regimen? Help?

    Yes i've been to a dermatologist but they really haven't helped. Also, why would citrus fruits be bad? I try to eat healthy and drink lots of water. I'll try cutting out some of the foods you cut out to see if that improves it I guess! But also, just a quick question, are you supposed to treat it/wash it once a day or twice like the face regimen?
  3. Jenny312

    Body Regimen? Help?

    Hi, i'm 14 and I've struggled with body acne for around 2 years. I feel like it's ruining my life. I can't wear any of the clothes I'd like to wear, especially dresses and tank tops, and I can't go swimming. I wash my skin in the morning and take a shower at night because I have hockey every day in the afternoon. I use the bp and then moisturize. It's working a little I guess but I want to be able to finally be confident and wear a dress to this dance coming up. Can i have some help? Does anyone