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  1. hey stick with it it takes about 2-3 months to start working but this stuff is amazing im currently on it its my 2nd time using it and im at the 10 week mark and im just starting to see small changes but i know for a fact it works.. For the peeling try cereva moisturizer its not oily and really helps. Epiduo is ment to unclog the pores and bring everything out so using it as a spot treatment might make it worst at first and then better. try applying a small amount size of a pea to your whole fa
  2. This is my second time on tactuo and im coming up and the 3 month mark of being on it. The first time i was on it for about 3 months but then i lost my insurance coverage so i had to stop taking it as its expensive here in canada. Anyway im 2 weeks away from having been on it for 12 weeks, i am noticing changes and my skin has gotten better but im still breaking out and im getting the odd pimple on my cheeks where i wasnt before. Im confused as to if its working or if i need to go on accutane. T
  3. timehealsal- no i don't Rpembroak- thanks a lot!!! i will try that. I am on a cleanse right now and a candida diet so i will do that too kill that off then will try that. Thanks again! and I'm 21 btw
  4. A little story behind this, i started getting bad acne about 5-6 months ago and did not know why so i went to my doctor who referred me to a derm. who prescribed me erythromycin and epiduo. I have been on them for just over a month now and I'm starting to see very very small effects. But its causing me to break out in places i never have before. The derm. wanted to put me on accutane but i told her i wanted to try all my other options before even considering that. Last week i went and saw a natu
  5. oh ic well if it docent seem to work by the 2nd month or if u can wait the 3rd ask about erythromycin. its a pretty popular anti biotic for acne
  6. hey I' have a similar type problem i just started getting acne about 5 -6 months ago and I've been on erythromycin and a topical called epiduo. In the first 4 weeks i saw little to no change and just this last week I'm starting to see a slight clearing in my skin. they say to give it 3 months with treatment before giving up some can take the 3 months some people get lucky and clear before. I also used retin-a but it dried me out a lot so i was switched to epiduo. I have read a lot and not heard
  7. hey yeah I've been on it for like 4 weeks and its the first I'm starting to see some clearing. But I'm still getting breakouts but there much smaller. Areas where i was getting acne are clearing up but I'm getting some like on my forehead and i never use to and under my chin (jaw line) I'm so confused as to why ? I'm taking zinc apple cider vinegar and oral antibiotics :s
  8. hey i am using the same stuff i wash with cetaphil in the am then moisturize than and night i use cetaphil again and then epiduo. I am also on oral antibiotic and i have been for 4 weeks now. I have been drinking a lot of water the last 3-4 days now. How long before you started to clear up?
  9. thanks man I'm going to try that I've been drink in ALOT of water the last week or so and imaging to try to cut that out its a bit hard dairy seems like its in everything haha
  10. Today sucks I'm having a breakout !!! i feel terrible white heads all in my facial hair area. It might be from shaving with a disposable razor idunno but its terrible i feel like i have chicken spots all of my face:( I HATE ACNE!!!
  11. ask your artist he will know the answer for sure
  12. hey thanks that makes me feel a tiny bit better! just recently having a breakout with whiteheads after i shaved:s might be from the disposable razor I've used:S cause its all in my facial hair area:S I have epiduo which is 2.5%bp and .1% apaldeane or something but idunno if its working or if it is its taking a very long time to show:(
  13. I have moderate acne and i am on epiduo and erythromycin , been on for about 4 weeks have seen very minor change if any, which leads to my question should i just stick with the topical and forget about the antibiotic? I have read that a lot of peoples acne comes back after they get off the antibiotic anyway? I am going to see a natural path and get allergy testing done in a week so i will see if food or hormone imbalance has anything to do with it. But its just started about 5 months ago thats w
  14. yeah i hear what your saying but in my case its just wierd that i never had it till i was 21 and these last 5 months its been bad thats what leads me to belive that it might be from something im eating or idunno ? just trying to find the reason why all of the sudded im getting it you know thanks for your post though!
  15. thanks, AM-i use cetaphil then mosturize PM- Cetaphil then Epiduo Im going to make a food allergy app. and see if maybe something im eating is causing this maybe allegic to some type of food, idk i will try all thoes things its hard to eliminate stress though cause everytime i look in the mirror it causes me great stress