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  1. Use a half a tablet of uncoated aspirin, mix with a bit of water and put it on the area as a spot treatment. It really helps with redness and swelling.
  2. I think so because red marks aren't bumpy while acne is. I guess if there are a ton of red marks and scars then it looks more like acne, or at least obviously acne-related.
  3. I'm a vegetarian. I guess leaning more towards a semi-vegetarian because I am willing to eat fish every couple of months (it's so great for skin and hair!), but I don't eat any pork, chicken, beef, etc.
  4. Estee Lauder's double wear concealer Mary Kay signature concealer and my current fav. is mixing the mary kay concealer with the concealer from amazing cosmetics concealer. I mostly due that to get the right color, but also the amazing one stays on forever. Their concealers are super expensive and cover pretty much anything and stay on all day/night/etc. I just asked for a sample pot and put a bunch in there, it'll last me ages.
  5. Definitely. I use johnson & johnson's head to toe babywash and it's fantastic. It doesn't dry out my skin, make me breakout, or anything like that. The best is on days i want to wash my face more than 2x it doesn't make my skin freakout (especially awesome since I go to the gym 5-6x a week). I stopped using cleansers for acne for at least 4 years now and it made a world of difference. All they do is dry out your skin and aggravate everything. Another good one is some bar of soap you ca
  6. Actually it's somewhat of a trend now to be pasty. All the stars who are very pale get praised (e.g. gwyneth paltrow, gwen stefani, dita von teese, etc.). Also, a lot of girls are proud of being pale etc. I personally feel better when I'm tan, as does my sister. It's just personal preference really. I think the pressure to be tan is far less now than ever though.
  7. Aww don't worry too much! Ice your face with one ice cube until it melts, then do an aspirin mask. I always use an aspirin mask if I pick at my face because it helps swelling and redness a lot! You can also try mixing the aspirin with some queen helene's mint julep mask. If you have any bha product I'd rec. putting that on before you go to bed tonight (after you've done the icing and aspirin mask)
  8. Oh I definitely know the feeling. When my skin was at it's worst I HATED putting on my makeup. Years and years of searching left me with no great product that covers well and looks natural or at least semi-natural. I used to use a foundation by estee lauder when my skin was awful. Now I ditched the foundation and use concealer instead. Finding a perfect concealer is hard as well, but at least it's only on spots and not rubbed all over the entire face and it doesn't look like poop at the e
  9. It's actually that you have to drink A LOT of green tea/day to get any effects.
  10. Oh my lord. Really, it's not so difficult. By healthy food, change your eating habits overall. It's not about DIETING, it's about lifestyle. Eat whole grains, veggies, fruits, etc. Avoid candy, soda, white bread, frozen dinners, etc. Workout everyday if you're trying to lose weight. If you can't manage that, workout at LEAST 4x a week. Make sure to do a lot of cardio (running, elliptical, stairmaster). From day to day change what program you use, maybe go biking one day and running the next. In
  11. A hot compress is the same as warm soaked towel. I'm not sure what you mean by the moist heat pack though. A warm compress will sometimes help drain or bring to head the cyst, but I found that whenever I did that it never helped at all. I'd rec. ditching the hot compres thing for an ice pack. It helps the swelling a lot and I found any breakouts heal faster when I ice.
  12. When I still had bad skin it was exactly the same way for me. I think it was a mixture of things.
  13. Most likely 'cause people do a lot of dumb shit to their skin. I really don't like derms 'cause they throw medicine at you and then tell you to come back months later to see if it worked. They don't even seem invested at all in your outcome. I can see how some forums are bullshit or how even on acne.org some people may be doing too much to their skin (or bad things). It's obviously at everyone's discretion on what they do with the info. they read on here. It's up to everyone to make sma
  14. Yeah you can. I used to breakout from powder blushes. I looove revlon's cream blush (color=first blush). Recently I sometimes use True Match Blush, but if you're breaking out I would NOT rec. a powder blush. I'd rec. a liquid, or cream blush. Liquid might be the best because you don't have to keep dipping your fingers in. Or buy a really good brush and wash it often. There are a ton of good liquid and gel blushes out there. www.makeupalley.com has product reviews and you can also ask
  15. I looked at them a while ago and they are expensive. I heard they are shit though. . . The only one that got decent all around reviews was the concealer brush. If you go to www.makeupalley.com there are product reviews, you can see which of the less expensive brushes work well and don't shed. hint: if you really want the BE brushes they are on ebay for cheap.