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  1. I'm on my period this week, it's almost over though, but I still got a couple of small new pimples today. Could it be due to my period? Because I only read about people breaking out the week before their period (I do to), but I'm almost on my last day of my period now and I still got some new ones..is this normal? I didn't eat different or something. My skin was completely clear before my period, now it's still decent but I'm worried about this new ones, because I don't know if my period caus
  2. Is your acne worse in winter or summer? I've got quite clear skin now finally, but I'm afraid when winter comes and my skin will get more dry, I'll get more breakouts again do you notice a difference?
  3. So it's day 2 now. On day 1 and 2 I drank a lot of water (about 1,5/2 liters). I had fruit on day 1 but I forgot today. I had my Echinacea pills/fish oil pills on both days. No soy, dairy, sugars...I did have one slice of bacon yesterday, it was wrapped around the chicken my mother made for me yesterday. I did have fries for dinner yesterday and today, my mother made it. I really should cut down on such food...(I don't eat fries everyday btw, lol, most of the time max. once a week). No masturbat
  4. Good luck! You said no white flour, so you'll still eat whole wheats? I was trying to go gluten free but it's so hard. What are you using topical wise on your face? thanks! Yes I'll still eat whole wheats, like brown bread instead of white bread. Topically I use something that's unfortunately only available in the Netherlands and Germany I believe. It's a toner from a brand called Essence, it removes sebum and claims to fight pimples and it's also antibacterial. I really like it for cleaning
  5. As of tomorrow I'm going to try the following regimen: No dairy No wheat No sugars/white flour (with the exception of natural sugars in fruits) No soy (I remember when I was a vegetarian and I ate a lot of soy, my acne was terrible) No pork Eat less greasy food like chips and fried stuff (I'm eating that far too often at the moment) Drink a lot of water everyday Eat at least 1 piece of fruit everyday Take 1 Echinacea pill everyday (I've read it can help fight acne) Take fish oil pills everyday s
  6. I tried lemon juice, it helped to clear my skin at first, but them I started to get a lot of very tiny whiteheads/pustules on my chin and under my nose. So I stopped using it unfortunately.
  7. My skin is almost completely clear now, I couldn't be happier, but I'm really worried the hot/humid weather will give me breakouts again...the temperatures are rising quickly now where I live. so, does the hot/humid weather in the summer make your acne worse? Or does it improve because of the heat? thanks in advance!
  8. SpleenPoetry

    It smells and tastes really nice! It's sticky, sticks to your pillow, your hair, it's a mess It made my acne worse unfortunately, despite all of the positive stories I had such good hopes with honey. I read a lot of positive reviews, so I started using it, every night for some weeks. I would sleep with the honey on my face. I used organic honey. It didn't clear up my acne unfortunately, I was really disappointed with the results. It didn't make pimples go away faster and didn't
  9. hey jonjones, I've cut out diary too some month ago, and my skin has improved a lot! It's almost clear, except for a couple of small pimples. I hardly get any new painful big under the skin ones now, and when I have a painful one, it's gone pretty fast (it used to take days to go away)
  10. I was just wondering, do acne scars (the pits/dents) get deeper over time? Has anyone noticed this? Or read/heard anything about it from a professional? I have a couple of shallow dents and I wonder if they can get deeper over time. Thanks in advance!!
  11. hi, I was wondering if any of you experienced breakouts/acne that got worse after eating cheese/milk? Also, has anyone of you experienced your skin cleared up after cutting out milk/cheese from your diet for a while? I've not had milk for about 2 weeks now and it seems like my cysts are getting fewer (I didn't get a new one), but this week I had some old dutch cheese and now I have some cysts again. Maybe it's just a coincidence or hormones, I don't know. I'd love to hear some stories
  12. thanks a lot for your replies! I noticed some small pimples or pimples under the surface I had turned into whiteheads, is this a good thing? Is it bringing all the stuff to the surface? Has anyone experienced this too initially? Will the skin be more clear after this initial purging or whatever it is?
  13. Hi, Has anyone tried honey and cinnamon on acne? Were you pleased with the results? Did it fight acne and prevent new pimples? I read many positive stories about it! Does it cause purging/an initial breakout? I've been using honey on my face at night for 3 days, but I want to try it with cinnamon too. thanks!