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  1. i don't think creatine messes with hormones/testosterone in anyway so i don't think it could be directly the creatine, maybe because the creatine helps me lift harder in the gym my testosterone levels are highering that way? i've fininished college for 2 months so i'm not stressing as much and i've started to clean bulk rather than dirty bulk which is costing me a lot but it means im not taking in large amount of saturated fats and sugar, my acne has improved a lot in just a few days i'm still
  2. I'm 17 and i have never took a course of anti biotics so would the probiotic still help me? thanks
  3. thanks for the help i take creatine and drink whey protein, could these contribute to the problem also accutane and creatine both dehydrate in a way so if i go on accutane should i stop taking the creatine? the whey protein i need to drink as it replaces the milk and i heard creatine induces hyperhydration thereby resulting in a more efficient thermoregulatory response, so aslong as i drink 8 glasses of water per day i will be fine right? If heard a lot of mixed storys with accutane, some sayin
  4. Hi guys ive had acne now since i was 13/14, although it was only very mild when i was young ive still always had a form of acne, I'm now 17 and it's went from 1 or 2 pimples to about 20 across my jaw line, there is a few blemishes on the rest of my face but not many. Because ive had acne for so long it's really starting to depress me, i haven't had a girlfriend for over a year now which is annoying because i've been going gym for nearly two years and have a decent physique which i've worked
  5. Thank you hula-hoop and yeh il keep to washing twice a day with just water as i do now and see how it goes, but in that pic my acne looks alot better then it does now, ive got it across my jaw line and a bit more on my face now. thanks, james
  6. Hi everyone im new to these forums, ive got mild acne and have done since i was 14 (17 in a weeks time) before this i had perfect skin infact i remember being told so by other pupils in my school but coming up to 14 i started getting a few pimpes and now at 17 i have quite a few small red marks across my face (i think they are scars but they don't go in like the scars i've saw on google images) they used to be just on my t zone but now ive started shaving they are across my jaw line aswell.