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  1. Good! I hope it works for you like it's been working for me!!! I've actually yet to find a good natural moisturizer. I did like my Korres one before, but it still has a few chemicals so I avoid using it. Since I started using the manuka honey I haven't needed any moisturizer whatsoever. I was surprised since my skin usually tends to get dry. I think leaving it honey on a few minutes helps with this, and as well at night I spot treat with tea tree and e oil (sometimes I dilute it in the chamomile
  2. First I wash my face with lukewarm water, well more so just splash my face. Then apply the manuka, massage it into my skin for a little bit and let it sit a bit if time allows. Then wash it off with more lukewarm water. With the water it's surprisingly not as sticky as you would think. I was surprised the first time I tried it. It's made my complexion glow like I've never seen before since I started using it. DEFIANTELY going to give this a try I'll purchase some higher UMF Manuka from my shop
  3. I knew I should have bought some Manuka the other day! Lol I give my dog it. I'll have to get some tomorrow. So you literally just apply pure manuka to your face? no water? and then wash it off? I bet that's super sticky heheh! I'm interested in trying this though.
  4. You say you cleanse with manuka? we sell that in the shop I work in and I've always wondered how one would use it on the face? Very interesting. In all honesty I'd rather use things that are 100% natural or something as close as possible. Right now I'm cleansing with plain oatmeal and it's great but it's so messy! I guess I'm just looking for things easier to use lol
  5. Hello there, I have very oily, sensitive, pustule, papule and commodone (blackhead) prone skin. It's really affecting my confidence. I just wondered what products you have all used that really help sensitive, oily, blemish prone skin? Ones that balance the skin aswell as soothing it and reducing redness etc... My main issue is the oiliness of my skin but I've discovered that the harsher the products I use, the more oily my skin becomes and the more blemishes I get. I'd like some sugge
  6. I currently use plain oatmeal to cleanse/exfoliate with. Although effective, it's extremely messy and a tad time consuming. I would really love to find an oatmeal cleanser that does the same job but in another form such as a cleansing cream wash etc... I have very oily but sensitive skin on my T-zone and am prone to papules, pustules and commodones. I have found oatmeal to be an absoloute god send! It keeps me matt, smooth, moisturised and brightens my skin all in one step! I would prefer t
  7. I've just washed my face with the oatmeal in the muslin cloth randomly lol... and it's ALLOT easier/less messy! That's for sure. But, your get less scrubbyness from the oats but luckily the cloth itself still provides light exfoliation! Whoop! SUCCESS!
  8. Lol I seriously haven't a problem with anybody knowing I use this site... atall. I rarely wear make-up because I don't like how even the slightest bit of foundation or powder makes me feel dirty/smothered etc so people always see me without it on lol I'll wear mascara, eyeliner when I absoloutely have to though but other than that... nothing. I'm not fond of how I look without make-up but to be honest it's just not my thing at the moment. I'm just trying to improve my skin. And if people don't
  9. She's great! I will definately let you know. Lol I've just scalded my hands so I best go and run them again under some freezing water... oh joy!
  10. It wasn't Bubzbeauty by any chance was it? lol I think everyones watched that video including me hehe! I've just found a piece of muslin cloth that I forgot I had, I'm going to try using that when I wash my face. I'll put the oats into the cloth and use it that way, it's got to be less messy lol!
  11. Oh that's awesome! I 1st heard of using Oatmeal as a cleanser from a Beauty guru on Youtube who had also burnt her face using a product. How are you using the oatmeal? with your hands like most people or in a muslin bag etc? lol I want to try and find a way of making it less messy hahah!
  12. Hello everyone! I've recently started cleansing my skin with oatmeal, plain oatmeal... nothing more, nothing less. It seems to clean well, give light exfoliation without drying my skin and it also brightens my complexion. What are other peoples experiences with this? Only problem is... I tend to get lazy and forget to use Oatmeal morning and night lol! I really need to get into a proper routine with it. I guess it's because using oatmeal isn't as easy as a normal facial cleanser lol!
  13. I've NEVER been able to find a moisturiser that helps the sebum production of my skin. Not even the ones that are specifically made for my skin type (extremely oily, sensitive etc). I've studied Beauty Therapy for a few years at college and was always advised to wear a moisturiser for my skin type but personally I've never found it to be any good for my skin. I don't and won't use anything on my skin that "strips" natural oils from my skin, I cleanse with oatmeal which actually provides a little