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    Some info: The ancient Egyptians used honey as an embalming material and treated cuts and burns with it. The Greek physician Hippocrates cured skin disorders with honey, and the Romans cleaned wounds with it. Even as recently as World War I, doctors treated wounds with honey. With the advent of antibiotics, honey fell out of use for its healing properties, but scientific research is now rediscovering honey's natural healing power. Because of its high sugar, low protein composition, honey acts
  2. If it's that bad you should be bathing it at least three time a day with very hot water. It's pain to do, but well worth it. From my past experience bathing cysts dramatically speeds up the healing process and greatly reduces the chances of scarring.
  3. I used Isotrexin, it's useless, causes more breakouts than it cures.
  4. agentx, trust me, you need to get yourself Actinac, read a previous post I made on Actinac here: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...2890&highlight=
  5. Hi Rocky, i can understand your skepticism, I was shocked when Actinac was discontinued about 3 years ago. Every year hundreds of effective products are discontinued due to market forces. While you and I might consider millions of pounds to be a goldmine, massive pharmaceutical companies like Aventis do not. Pharmaceutical companies only exist to make money of people; the fact that they might be helping people, easing suffering is only a by-product of their business, not the reason for their exi
  6. Hi Warrior, I need to clarify, after you wipe of the Actinac in the morning you wash as normal, whatever you use, soap, water or moisturiser, make-up etc. You don't have any Actinac on your face during the day. A level of privacy is needed to use Actinac as its a white ceamy lotion, so you end up going to bed looking like you're wearing a face-pack. For years I locked my bedroom door and had a damp facecloth in my bedroom to wipe the Actinac off before coming down in the morning. Yes I do sti
  7. Hi Warrior, its like you said everybody is different, so its not possible for me to say what results you will have. I can only give you my experience as someone dealing with acne for 22 years. I have tried nearly every treatment thats been written about on this board and they all come a poor second to Actinac. I've read your thread where you're thinking about going on Accutane, for what its worth, I think you should try Actinac first. I've never read a bad report about Actinac nor come across so
  8. Acne_victim, while i did have some comedonal acne my main problem was deep nodulocystic acne. Before i started Actinac I did suffer some permanent scarring. Like you said everybody is different and people need to make their own mind up about starting any new treatment. Warrior, I don't think any doc would have a problem prescribing Actinac as it was FDA approved and sold for many years. Every year hundreds of effective products are dis-continued due to economics. Compounding is also a legiti
  9. Funny, I don't remember putting down Dan's regimen, Dan himself has said depending on the severity of your acne you may need a more powerful treatment than just the "regimen". Actinac is not "my" product, its a dis-continued product made by a French company called Roussel. I suppose what i actually meant by saying "ths board should not exist" is " this suffering should not exist", the board is a great meeting place and my intention was not to offend the board or visitors. Mercer you do a grea
  10. annalu, I've read that report on Actinac before and sent it to my compounding phamacist to assist him in the manufacture. I can assure you compared to the likes of accutane which most people on this board seem to have tried, Actinac is a mild product. Heres another review: http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/lifestyle/health_t..._review/270244/
  11. honey_bee, without debunking anything you've said, I used Actinac for nearly 15 years without any side effects, Actinac was also FDA approved I believe and approved in Ireland where i live. It may well be that most people only have to use the product for a short period and can then stop, cystic acne sufferers cannot
  12. bobo, it is the best ever..and the good news is, with a bit of bother you can still get it and be rid of the acne horror. Just do as I said, I have nothing to gain from this, everyone is free to go to their own compounder and see if they can get a better price than i got. Believe it or not there are no compounding pharmacists in Ireland, I wrote to 20 in the USA before I eventually got one to make it for me and only on the promise that I would continue to buy from them so they wouldn't be left
  13. OK, first of all I want to say that i really hate this board...why?...because it shouldn't exist! A French company called Roussel developed a treatment for acne(Actinac) that is 99% effective. Its a topical...you apply it before you go to bed, and as long as you continue to use it, you won't get acne. No more of this accutane crap with its terrible side effects. So your asking, "if Actinac is so effective in treating acne why wasn't it a best seller?, why havn't I heard of it?...its simple..
  14. SymphonyX...you want the cure..here it is... go to your doc/derm...ask for a prescription for "Actinac"(search Google), a product developed by a now defunct/merged French company called Roussel. Go to a compounding phamacist and ask them to make a batch of "actinac" for you...its a topical...you're cured...amen.
  15. You have very mild acne, have you ever had acne the size of a walnut,.. I have,... has your nose ever swelled three times it normal size?...roaring red ?...mine has...this is the lot of cystic acne sufferers. I'm glad to say probably 95% of the people on this board know nothing about serious acne...your one of the 95%...congratulations.