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  1. I feel for you when it comes to stomach weight (bloating for me, mostly) and not having enough calories. Before I was so paranoid about what to eat that it seemed like whatever I ate and did, and the 'healthier' I got, things would get worse for no reason at all. Personally, I would recommend that you need to keep reevaluating the word 'healthy' and specify to yourself what your diet actually is. Look it up online by entering what foods you consume. Thousands of doctors feel that olive oil is he
  2. Not unless I have a TON of them, which aggravates my gut and THEN causes me to break out, but I don't consume them like that anymore. I use to train at the gym a lot and thought they were a huge necessity, but I failed to consume them properly. If anything, the oil I use to cook the lentils in was what was causing me to break out. Soaked or not, I would recommend cooking them properly. I also eat more red lentils than regular brown ones, and the only ones I soak are French green lentils. Maybe t
  3. Haha, no. I was the same with milk, and all dairy products. I loved cheese, ice cream, and even yogurt. When I gave it all up, however, it wasn't as terrible as I thought. It was just awkward at first and confusing because of how the current food industry operated, and what we are told is healthy and safe to eat. Unfortunately, I must tell you that even in small quantities dairy is not good for you. This includes unpasteurized and raw special milks, not just cow's milk. You have to get rid
  4. I can't think of any brands because it's been so long since I actually bought a salad dressing over the counter. I would make your own, because it's cheaper in the long run and a hell of a lot better for your health. I enjoy: -Balsamic Vinegar -Apple Cider Vinegar -Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Mustards -Raw Honey -Hot Sauce -Chopped raw Garlic -Dozens of Spices such as Peppercorn, Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Oregano, Garlic, Paprika, etc... I always buy Organic, No-preservative ingr
  5. Many things could be causing your acne breakout... protein shakes, sugary drinks, processed meats, lack of raw foods, too many of the same vegetables that don't really do anything if your eating them with breads and meats, cooking oils, and DAIRY DAIRY DAIRY. Read my FAQ's and other posts on my profile. Hope that helps.
  6. Hello, I hope the day went better for you after this post. Welcome to the website :). First off, you are most certainly not alone, and secondly, I would like to clarify a few things with you on your "Acne & Diet" related issues, and hopefully address something of your eating disorder issue at the end... Congratulations on getting rid of so many things that were probably very bad for your health and skin to begin with. When I say this, I do assume that we are on the same page such as AL
  7. I definitely break out from those things. I gave up on them entirely because my skin could not handle whatever it was that kept causing them to mess with me. Anything with soy in it as a major ingredient is pretty damn awful for a person's hormones, and then there's almond milk which can be really hard on the gut... which also, unfortunately, produces acne. Too many nuts will definitely cause you to break out, I made that mistake for a long time before a friend was the one to actually point i
  8. Hello and thanks so much for your clear, detailed post. I hope you managed to enjoy the rest of your day/evening! I have had severe acne from 14 to 21 as well. In fact, I was 21 when I was super fed up too, and 22 when I joined this site and changed my diet in a very similar way... you in fact beat me to the punch with that change. I was around 23 when I was 'completely clear', or aka stopped producing acne. I am 30 now. With my diet change, I made a lot of mistakes, and have since learned
  9. The thing about a juicer is that it gives your body all the nutrients it needs immediately, where as your digestive system takes time to absorb the fiber in the whole foods you blended up. Whole foods are fine and always preferred, but a juicer cuts strait through the extra work, giving your body the break it deserves, and also encourages your body to immediately absorb nutrients that no vitamin, boxed food, or old-cut up salads will ever give you. Honestly said, you can easily get rid of your a
  10. Probably. I quit consuming soy products because they screw around with estrogen levels, and is an extremely hormone raising products. Unless you somehow ferment soy, stay away from soy based products, and even almond/cashew milk, because too much of that stuff too can cause breakouts over time. Switch to Oat, Rice, Hemp or Coconut Milk if possible.
  11. Hello, I hope you are well and in good spirits! Well, first off, congratulations for getting rid of all that crap. I'll choose not going to tackle your antidepressants right now because there's too much about diet that I want to say to you. But I will say that in the beginning I use to feel a lot like you when I was eliminating practically everything from what use to be my diet and what was once a huge and normal part of my life. I eliminated dairy and breads for sure was a challenge, and I f
  12. Hello! I hope everything is well for you today. Thanks for uploading some pictures of your skin. First ad foremost, I am not judging you for your skin ;). If you knew the shit high school put me through, you'd be sitting down in a chair and feasting from a huge bowl of popcorn wide eyed, begging for more stories XD. Well, I have to be honest with you and say that you should probably cut out 100 percent dairy, and practically all of the sugar you eat. This includes sodas, sports drinks, high
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