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  1. Oh oops. I forgot to mention something extremely important. Before I started the regimen I went to the dermatologist for 4 years who kept putting me on harsh topicals and stuff constantly because nothing worked for me. My complexion on my face is red and I know it isn't rosacea or any other skin disorder, I'm almost positive it is from all the things I've put on my face over the years. How long will this take to go away? It is probably just as bad as the oily face in terms of making me se
  2. I've been thinking about posting this for a long time now, even before I started on the regimen, but I've finally got the courage to do it. I started the regimen almost 3 months ago and I'm almost 100% clear, with the occasional whitehead here and there (and my nose still has blackheads all the time), but it is still a HUGE improvement from where I was 3 months ago. I had all kinds of acne, with the occasional cystic - and I was struggling with it for almost 6-7 years now. Even though I'm ver