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  1. Wow, so my skin is already clearing up. I think that the regimen might just be a gift from heaven xD <3
  2. Yeah I'm using Dan's stuff, and sweet, so if I can push through what, like the next two weeks, then it's basically smooth sailing from there???
  3. Okay, I mean it definitely is getting clearer, I'm even pmsing and it's not breaking out bad at all, I'm just worried about the unscarred parts of my face becoming scarred. Like, it will go away?
  4. Okay, so I ordered the regimen and I did all the right stuff, my skin didn't really dry out that much and it seemed like it was really working, but suddenly I started breaking out on my forehead, which I rarely ever do, and I then got these weird zits that were basically like white but they're small and really bumpy on the apples of only one cheek! Like, it's weird. I notice that my skin looks clear in my old problem areas, but now it's bad in areas that I thought were okay. I'm getting nervous
  5. So it's a new year, but it's starting off terribly. I just got dumped, I had to sleep in makeup last night to hide my acne from a friend, and I'm breaking out. Why when everything is supposed to be good and fresh, this happens, and on top of that I'm breaking out. I'm a 14 year old girl in high school, this is just really hard. I feel lonely and pathetic, and acne doesn't help.
  6. I was on a date once, and my powder foundation started to come off, so I pulled my hair in my face to cover my cheeks and randomly pulled my hood up.... In the movie theatre, next to this cute guy. He was like, "why'd you put your hood on?" and I go "oh, my face got cold." Yeah. That was my excuse
  7. I feel the exact same way. I won't go out in public without makeup, won't let my boyfriend see me without it. And it sucks to see other girls with such pretty, effortless skin.