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  1. Misskat

    Day 22

    Hey guys, So it's been a few days since my last entry, I'm back to school and i've been kind of busy. I can't believe I'm on day 22 already.. So, I want to make a list of the positive and negative side effects so far starting with the positive lol Positive: 1) Less oil. That layer of oil I had every morning on face after I wake up is gone 2) Less of those annoyingly painful cysts I get on my chin and jaw line during certain times in the month 3) overall, less breakouts Negative
  2. Misskat

    Day 8

    OKkk then.. the dryness has OFFICIALLY set in.. I just felt like it happened suddenly lol.. lips are starting to dry.. face is a bit flaky.. def laying off the morning wash routine and getting a more water based lotion. There is an increase in thirst and still feeling those occasional "tingly" sensations in my muscles.. has anyone experienced that? I've been having trouble falling asleep but maybe because I kind of screwed up my sleep schedule staying up late over the break.. back to school on
  3. Misskat

    Day 7

    wow.. I can't believe it's been a week already! Ok, I still have not experienced the drying effect of lips and face.. I woke up this morning with the usual layer of oil.. Is it bad that I am washing my face twice a day? is that too much do you think?? earlier this week, I had breakout in my most problematic area, my chin but I swear I feel like they disappeared faster than usual.. The redness/hyper-pigmentation and scarring are still there.. didn't feel that weird tingling sensation in my muscle
  4. Misskat

    Day 3

    When I started this morning, my face was nearly clear except for a few pimples and the horrible redness and scarring left by old pimples.. I haven't noticed any changes yet in terms of dryness of my skin or lips.. I woke up with the usual layer of oil on my nose.. I went out tonight so I kind of piled on the makeup and there was some dancing involved.. I realize now that I really have to take it easy on my skin because I could feel the breakouts under my skin now :/... I have been feeling th
  5. Hi Jenny.. I am glad your journey was successful! I wrote down the products you suggested and I will most likely be getting the clinique gel soon. What type of makeup/foundation have you used?
  6. Hi everyone, After 8 years of dealing with my moderate and very persistent acne.. after years of tears, frustration, and embarrassment and months of hesitation and research, I have finally made the decision to go on accutane. I will not even mention the annoying process of finding the right doctor & getting this medication prescribed.. but finally.. I will start the new year with a new hope that I will once and for all beat this disease and have the beautiful clear and healthy skin I des