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  1. SheenaLee

    Clear Skin Challenge

    This is going to be a weekly update on my skin since starting a new Regime of my OWN. I use: -Nutribiotic skin cleanser sensitive skin -Neutrogena moisturizer -Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask 1-2 a week -Zinc supplements 50 mg daily.
  2. Hmmmm, zinc ?!

    1. PaulH85


      It seems pretty common that people who are prone to acne are deficient of Zinc. I started seeing great results when I added Zinc to my supplements and it's definitely something I'd recommend. The only thing to be wary of is that if you happen to be taking antibiotics, although it's not dangerous to be taking both, Zinc can stop them from working to the best of their ability. Otherwise, worth a shot I reckon. :)

  3. SheenaLee

    makes skin smooth, pores are smaller, leaves skin feeling very clean, CHEAP drys my skin out, should only use once a week if not once every two weeks. Kind of hard to take off. Buy it, its worth a try.
  4. SheenaLee

    hmm, well its soft and applies nicely Bad bad bad if you have dry skin or acne/dry skin, looks HORRIBLE trying to cover acne. I always say it myself, if only my skin was clear this makeup would be amazing ! If you have barely any acne, buy it, its worth a shot.
  5. SheenaLee

    COVERS MARKS LIKE NO OTHER MAKEUP! thick, sticky, clogs pores (4 me anyway) Its good for eyelids (primer) and under eye bags, but to actually put on acne, go with something less thick and heavy.
  6. Yupppp !!! To me it looks like you dont even have acne, u just need a spot treatment crap every once in awhile, give meee a break !!! u look great
  7. Acne has gone CRAZY!!