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  1. mklein

    Day 54

    Strange side effects: very sweaty ( I don't sweat normally hardly at all. Now I drip with sweat.) depressed (much more sad/ emotional/ overwhelmed than normal) sore back tired low energy, no apetite Accutane glow Other side effects: dry, scaly hands (psoriasis?) dry scalp, wash hair twice a week (normally greasy, washed hair daily) skin takes longer than normal to heal On the other hand: skin is clear
  2. mklein

    Day 46 - Lipacne

    Day 46 - 2 actives -- one from 6 days ago on my jawline, the other above my lip. Overall I think things are improving, though.
  3. two new actives - massive boil developped on my jawline (the pain woke me up) and another near by lip. things will improve!!! new weird side effect : i'm sweating an unusual amount.
  4. First time since IB that have no new actives. I hope I'm starting to clear at day 35.
  5. mklein

    Day 30

    thx for the tip!
  6. mklein

    Day 30

    Still breaking out which is disappointing. As soon as I start to clear up, more breakouts surface. They are usually the deep cystic kind, which before I only got occasionally. I'm also breaking out on my chest, which is unusual. Well, I was hoping to see more improvement at this point, but it will come. I have to be patient. Other side effects: I'm sweating more than usual and I do feel really emotional. Hard to tell if that's connected to the medication or stress of life, but I do not
  7. ib subsiding - yay!

    1. mklein

      Day 20

      Initial breakout is subsiding, no new actives. No new side effects so far. Feeling more positive. Saw the derm today, and she prescribed 60 mg/ day going forward; however, I will take 40 mgs on odd days and 80mgs on even days. Hope things continue to improve!
    2. mklein

      Day 18

      Most breakouts seem to be subsiding (only new 2 actives) ;however, this huge cyst on my cheek is still around. Normally I would get smaller version of this on my chin or jaw line or neck, but this mega bulb on my cheek is just crazy. Skin is still dry and peels alot... hundreds of blackheads where I never had them before... On the positive side, at least I know the medication is working!
    3. still breaking out....

      1. i'm not an expert so these are good questions for your doctor. It seems like everyone reacts differently so I don't think anyone can predict for sure what your body will do. From what I've read the best ways to know how your body is reacting is monitoring how you feel through the course of the treatment, making sure you go for your regular monthly blood tests, and talk to your doctor about any side effects you are experiencing. Also your doctor will get you to go through blood tests before yo
      2. mklein

        Day 32

        Hey labrat, Thanks for your updates. I've decided to stay off alcohol complelely while on this treatment for the sake of my liver. I bought a couple of good bottles of red to save for when I'm done isotretinoin. My little reward awaits... I wanted to ask you about your skin condition at this point. I've been following your blog because I seem to be going through similar side effects as you, although, I am a few weeks behind you in my treatment. (I'm currently at day 15). So my skin is b
      3. mklein

        Day 15

        REALLY breaking out now... Two zits of epic proportions on my left cheek. Lots of new blackheads. It appears like every pore on my face has a blackhead, which is not normal for me. Smaller breakouts around my chin and one right between my eyes. Skin is dry after I wash it (also not normal for me); it peels and breaks easily. This is getting discouraging and looks so bad , even with makeup. I have to remember that this will pass..........
      4. breaking out is part of the process, I guess.

        1. Unfortunately, the "no initial breakout" stage did not last. Day 14 and suddenly I have breakouts on my chin and cheeks and one on my forehead. My face is red and flaky too. So it's a weird combination of acne and dry skin. I guess I have to try to see the humor in that. I'd be interested in what others do to stay positive when their skin is really bad. Here is what I've been doing : Remember that this is temporary. Because I decided to pursue this treatment (isotretinoin), I have ho