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  1. All in all I'm still doing alright. I'm probably about the same as I was a week ago despite some minor spots here and there. My skin seems to be experiencing a slight dryness spell. I wake up and rinse and it seems my skin is very dried up rather quickly. Perhaps I should take a night off from the BP every now and then? My girlfriend has been in town for the last week and a half and we've been very close (touching faces, her hair in my face, my hair in hers at times) and I was wondering if
  2. Thanks for the reply Bahopheta. I'll have to look into that. You really use Vasoline? I would think that would clog pores...very think and all. Who knows? Let me know how you use it. Thanks. ( I love the quote ).
  3. I appreciate the response guys....I'll look into both of these as soon as I can. :wink:
  4. Ok, it's April the 6th and I'm still experiencing good results. Still suffering some red marks here and there, but some things you just have to accept (for the time-being anyway). I still have the beard going, which can sometimes make the skin feel irritated, but no big reactions at all really. I have a small spot right to the left of my mouth, but it isn't really that big and can easily be covered up. It's, obviously, not crystal clear, but a hell of a lot clearer than I was when I started
  5. Well, it is March 31st and my skin seems to have gotten a bit more back on track. While I'm still not completely where I want to be, I am sure I am doing much better now than I was. Still some leftover spots I need to take care of, but nothing serious and I don't seem to be breaking out nearly as much with new spots nowadays. I've been growing a beard and I'm not sure if this will lead to more oil, irritation? I will trim it sometime today. I'm sticking to the same regimen and haven't chang
  6. What is and where do I find Vita-K? Price? Thanks.
  7. I appreciate the response Vernie. I think this past breakout had a lot to do with overly using Jojoba oil and then trying a BP wash which dried my skin out and totally threw it out of whack. Seems to subsiding now, slowly but surely. I'll keep posting.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions guys & gals. The Neutrogena moisturizer says it doesn't contain alcohol, but right on the back it has cetyl alcohol listed in it. Confused. Anyway, I've tried that one but it seems the alcohol and probably a few other ingredients bother me :? I'll keep searching.
  9. Thanks OursFan...I check up on that one. Seems they all contain Cetyl Alcohol though
  10. Anyone out there know of a gentle (oil/alcohol free) moisturizer? I can't seem to find any that don't have 2 or 3 irritating ingredients that seem to cause breakouts for me.
  11. Just wanted to say that I have tried Revlon's Colorstay and it was awful. Stuck to my skin like glue (which I am sure is good for lasting effects) and was difficult to wash off. I am currently using L'Oreal something or other.
  12. Anything you ladies could suggest as far as makeup goes for a male? I'm not trying to look glam/goth. I'm just trying to get an even skin tone and color while minimzing (as much as possible) the dreaded red marks. Obviously, I'd like it to be oil-free/non-comedogenic. Also, can anyone suggest an oil-free, gentle moisturizer? I have yet to find one that is both oil-free and doesn't contain some form of alcohol. I easily break out from such ingredients and have reached a dead end with
  13. Evening: Wash with Nivea's Double Action Face Wash Spot treat with BP Gel (5%) Mint Julepe Mask to any major problems Morning: Rinse face with lukewarm water Apply makeup (no concealer) After Work: Rinse face with lukewarm water Sunday Exfoliate with Nivea's Facial Scrub Internally: B5 (3 g), Zinc (50 mg), Acidiphilous (2 pills), Vitamin C(1 g), Vitami
  14. I've switched cleansers from Avalon (contained oils) to Nivea's Double Action Face Wash. Will use it at night and rinse with lukewarm water.
  15. I've decided to go with just rinsing off my face with lukewarm water in the morning (atleast until my skin rebalances itself and I'm not drying out so much).