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  1. Thank you (:! I did take a picture and I'll do it weekly(: see how it goes! Im going to take a pill an hour after I eat according to the dermatologist. So let's see how it works!
  2. Well, I would probably recommend going to a dermatologist and telling them about your problem. Tell them that you have been on it for quite a while and blah blah. I don't know how'll they react since some doctors don't just give out prescriptions like that... Best of luck though :/
  3. Yes, I am on this exact regimen, and I don't feel it's an uncommon one. I didn't start the doxy until after using the retin-a and clindamycin for a few months, as I was hoping not to have to take any pills...especially antibiotics... but I must admit that I have seen a lot of improvement since adding them to my regimen. Almost everyone goes through an initial breakout with retin-a so depending on how long you've been using it, that may be what you are experiencing. How long have you been using i
  4. Okay, i just went back to my dermatologist for my follow up appointment. I have mild/moderate acne, but ever since i started using retina-a and clindamycin, i feel as if my skin has gotten worse or hasn't improved. Now I'm getting pimples on my cheeks which never happened. He switched my regimen now to Clindamycin in the morning after washing my face Retin-A at night after washing my face He also gave me a prescription for Doxycyclin(sp?) Has anyone either used the regimen of Retin-a and
  5. Well first, I'm new here so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or if I do something wrong (:. Anyways, I went to a dermatologist around a month ago and it seems as this man treats everyone with the same products. Retin-A and or Clyndamycin. He told me to use Retin-A one night and Clyndamycin the next, which I have been doing. I'm now starting to get breakouts where I didn't before, for example I have 3 under the skin pimples next to my lip and a few on my cheeks, which are scaring..
  6. Gabcookie

    Does not make you break out Absorbs oil Light Nothing Okay -ALONE- it won't do THAT much, but yes, its a POWDER, no powder I've ever tried or seen does wonders alone. Concealer and then this powder is amazing! I use it everyday and I do not break out (: