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  1. I saw no difference to my acne while on Ortho Lo. It didn't help or hurt. I was on it for years. I got off of it due to no insurance, but now I'm on Tri-Sprintec and have been on that for years as well.
  2. Dairy makes me break out in large, painful cysts on my cheeks. ADHD drugs at relatively normal dosages do as well. I've had to drop the strength of my Adderall down to find what works for me. Hormonal acne usually pops up on my chin area, but that's just me. Consuming too much sugar makes me break out near my mouth. So does using Chapstick! All this I've discovered through trial and error and the process of elimination. Obviously there's a multitude of things for you to consider. D
  3. Hi Koda. I am sorry you're going through all this. While regular ol' Cera Ve works for me, I see it doesn't work for you. I have had great luck with a super gentle, minimal ingredient moisturizer from Avene. It's Avene Tolerance Extreme Emulsion. It's pricey but it works very well for me. Read up on it. It's sterile, no preservatives, good for post laser treatments, etc. I also use Avene Thermal Spring Water. It comes in a spray can and feels AMAZING. That might be an option for your skin, as we
  4. Epsom salt water works well for me and could possibly work for you. I pour a generous amount of Epsom salt in a container (with a lid, so I can cover it and use it over and over). I bring filtered water to a boil and then pour a little over the Epsom salt and mix it until the salt dissolves. I let the water cool. Then, using clean hands, I dip a cotton ball in the salt water and dab it on my face or the spot in question. I repeat this over and over, using a clean cotton ball each time. You can w
  5. Can confirm the EltaMD sunblock is great. Skinceuticals sunblock is great, as well. As far as moisturizer I've never had an issue with Cera Ve. On the pricey side but AMAZING are the moisturizers from Avene.
  6. I was on Ortho Lo years ago and didn't find it to help or hurt my acne problem. I'm on Tri Sprintec now.
  7. I used cortisone as well as a stronger steroid on my acne several years ago and while it did work I paid a huge price by developing perioral dermatitis that I still fight with to this day. So not only do I have acne I also have P.D. The dermatitis spread from around my mouth to my nose and to my forehead. Any type of steroid to the face isn't a great idea. When I went to a dermatologist for another reason and brought up my acne struggles, how I'd applied cortisone to my face years ago, and the r
  8. I am sorry you are dealing with all this. I showed symptoms of PCOS and am on a 100 mg daily pill of spironolactone. I'm on Tri-Sprintec, which I've had no problems with, and I take a 500 mg pill of metformin when I eat really sugary foods or drink sugary drinks or a lot of alcohol. I have ADD and discovered higher doses of the meds caused me to break out. I stay away from ALL forms of dairy. Like you, I use Retin-A. Also like you, I've spent a lot of money on otc products. Some simple at home
  9. 37 year old female here who suffers from cystic acne. Some of mine is hormone related. I avoid dairy at all costs. It definitely breaks me out. I try to pay close attention to sugar consumption since too much sugar causes me to break out. I have symptoms of PCOS. I've discovered that a higher dose of my ADD meds break me out, as well. I've never used the Regimen. My personal regimen includes taking meds, applying a mixture of Epsom salt and water as needed to dry up acne and control oil, and
  10. You're definitely not alone. My major cystic acne struggles started when I was 27 years old. I'm 36 now. I've had some pretty good success with various prescription drugs, but since you want to go the more natural route, I feel like zinc supplements have been a godsend. I also started magnesium glycinate. As "bad" as it is to say, spending lots of time at the beach in the sun and salt water helps dry up things for me. I apply Epsom salt dissolved in water all the time and it really helps
  11. I'm prone to cystic acne. I gave up ingesting dairy, but I do like to apply Greek yogurt on my face. It's even better with turmeric mixed in, imo. Beware, turmeric stains!!! Use old bath cloths, towels, clothes, etc. if you decide to do it. Your skin/eyebrows/hands may look a little yellow for a day or two as well, lol. If you wear makeup that covers it up, though. The turmeric yogurt mask feels so good to me. Some people dislike the smell but I love it. My absolute favorite thing to d
  12. Sounds hormonal to me. I take spironolactone to get rid of excess androgens (I had really oily skin and was prone to cysts) and am on Tri-Sprintec for my birth control. I went to an endocrinologist who prescribed me metformin, which is used to control blood sugar (spikes in blood sugar messes with hormones which can equal acne). After a full blood panel, I learned I'm deficient in zinc. It can happen the older you get. So I take that daily. Zinc helps regulate hormones. I started magnesiu
  13. I've seen and felt an improvement in my body, face, and mood since starting zinc. I started magnesium glycinate (not a full dose daily, though) about a month of so after the zinc and I feel as though that's working very well, too. I had a full blood panel done and learned I was very deficient in zinc. My endocrinologist wanted me to take folic acid since I was low in that, but I broke out after taking it. My magnesium was borderline so I started that on my own. I'm learning that nutritional
  14. I'm lucky in that I live in Florida along the Gulf of Mexico, so I spend as much time as possible in the salt water and get sun on my face. I bottle some salt water and bring it home to use. I've also noticed that Epsom salt mixed in water has done wonders for my face. I apply it all the time. I use a crap ton of Epsom salt so I have a crystallized face but I don't care, lol. Makes my skin feel great.
  15. I've often wondered about this myself. There were times when I'd get an ulcer in my mouth I get a zit somewhere around my cheek/chin area...generally within distance of the ulcer. Like Snarkygirl said, I think there's a connection between inflammatory conditions within the body and acne breakouts.