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  1. hey, don't worry. i was in the same boat. i started accutane in september, was still breaking out through december and into january, february, even march. in april i improved, in may even more, and now in june my skin is totally clear with no breakouts for about 2 months. my derm is keeping me on for one more month, and he says i'll continue to improve when the course is over. he said for some people, accutane just takes a long time to work. my acne was never really really super bad, but it was
  2. I have long hair that I regularly highlight every 3-4 months. Since Accutane, it has thinned down by about 50% (luckily for me I had a lot of hair, now I'm on the normal/thin side). During my last 2 months (I'm in my last month now), my hair has shed A LOT. I barely shed at all during my course, and now I am at the end and it has been coming out like crazy. My question is: Do you all think it's unwise of me to get my hair cut and colored? It's a pretty brutal process with the combing and pul
  3. Well, I'm FINALLY clear, after 7 months of Accutane. I was prescribed my last month of 80mg yesterday, and after that I am done. I hope it doesn't come back! I missed a month due to I-Pledge, and when I started back up again, I experienced a lot of hair loss. I'm talking like, 50% of my hair. Luckily for me, my hair was very thick to begin with, but now it's becoming noticeable, and I feel like I lose more every time I mess with it. So, I have a few questions: 1. Did any of you experience hai
  4. Wow, I could have written this post. I have been on Accutane since mid September, and it is now almost April. My improvement has been SO gradual that I find it hard to notice. I no longer get cystic acne (I never had a real problem with it, but now and then I'd get one cystic breakout), but as for everything else, I am still breaking out. My dosage has been increased from 40mg to 60mg and now 80mg. I only weigh 130lb. I have been on the 80 for 2 months now, and it is FINALLY starting to work.
  5. i'll second infallible. that stuff is amazing. just make sure you blend, blend, blend!
  6. well, i have a derm appt tomorrow afternoon. i'll see what he says. i currently have a big zit on my chin--it sucks.
  7. Hey, Ya i too have taken Acccutane for just over 5 months now and pretty much no improvement. Ive broken out in places that i never have before (like on my jaw line). My derm still wont up my dosage passed 40mg /80mg alternating daily. I actually just started Dan Kerns regime about 2 weeks ago to see if that will help.....Right now im in that stupid initial breakout phase soooo not to happy
  8. get a gentle face wash--cetaphil is pretty good. for moisturizer, use oil of olay with SPF during the day, and cetaphil (the kind without SPF, the kind in the big bottle) at night. but aquaphor for use on your nose and lips. make sure you have a lot of chapstick. get a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner--your hair will get very dry. putting a few drops of jojoba oil into your conditioner in the palm of your hand does wonders.
  9. I just finished my 5th month of Accutane. I went from 40mg to 60mg, and now for the past month I've been on 80mg. I am a girl, and I weigh 132lbs. The problem is, my acne is not gone. I don't get the really big cystic stuff anymore, but I'm still breaking out. Right now I have three active breakouts, one that's starting to go away, one that's been there for a while now, and one that appeared yesterday. The rest of my face is covered with a lot of scars that have yet to fade. I see my derm next