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  1. I thought I would give an update with my routine using Skincueticals. I couldnt see a way of removing this post but I wanted to warn people reading this post that after a year of using the the Blemish and age defense solution twice daily I would not reccomend this level of use to anybody else. It kept me clear pretty much and spots healed much quicker when I did get them but it is too harsh to use all over twice daily. It stripped my skin and in the end caused alot of redness, I even think that
  2. Reading it back, it does sound like Im writing for a company! lol because I wrote it so fast as Im alwasy so tired from work. Kinda suffer adrenal fatique (self diagnosed at the mo!) thinks my adreanals might be the actual acne problem so Ill post more on this as I find out. As the blemish solution only controls it Im still sreaching for the underlying cause. I also have melasma (dark skin moutsache) Hurutism (cant spell this) fatique, candida symptoms. I think it all be linked to the thyroi
  3. Hi veteran, thanks for your reply. thought Id write back as Id hate to think somebody might miss this thinking Im selling something. I have visited acne.org so many times in the last few years its been a life save when Ive been depressed. I thought Id cured myself before, but that didnt work out, I dont think I posted that tho. I posted about curing my body acne, It a deffo read if you have body acne. Im not really one for a write up as I read more than anything on here so I have only posted w
  4. Hi guys Just thought Id share my story and cure in case it helps somebody else out there. Its taking me agaes to write this cus I wanted to be sure it was the cure and didnt want to temp fate by writing it as I have semi cured myself before and then acne returned, not this time! First I have always had very mild acne but my acne became moderate/severe with cysts afte taking the pill for a year and then being given a year of antibiotics by my derm, oh the regrets. I tried everything for th
  5. katatak25

    The only thing that works for my adult and cystic acne! Works instantly No need to pick spots as new ones fade fast expensive but lasts can cause acne acars if you pick, but there will be less picking to do! You can also mix with bio oil or sunscreen Must wear sunscreen with this!! I have adult and cystic acne after the pill and year of antibiotics to try and rid me of them. Nothing else worked long term until this. I thought it would stop working but a year later and Im cle
  6. Also hate to be a party pooper but I can clear my skin with most topicals for two weeks but would love to hear if this works for longer than six months?
  7. Hi there, you could try something I found by accident. I was treating another skin problem when I found this cleared by back and chest acne. Sadly it did not clear it on my face. I was told by my dermatologist to use Nizarol (anti dandruff shampoo) for Tinea versicolor ( a nasty rash ). I applied it thickly over the entire area, with help for my back, before bed and washed it off in the shower in the morning. Its sticky and will foam up as its supposed to be a shampoo so wait for it to dry a lit
  8. katatak25

    Clear for 6 max months only Much worst than before I took this! Developed Cystic acne after this too I developed digestion problems Used for a year, stopped working after 6 months DO NOT TAKE THIS!!! I wish I could go back to before I took this and try natural diet and supplements as my skin has never been the same. I also now suffer from digestion problems.