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  1. You do not have to answer this, but it would help people to better understand the conditions that have brought them acne. Were you under a lot of emotional stress and discomfort during youth and into your early teen years? Were you emotinally abused? Were you emotionally abused by your parents? If so which one, and what were the conditions of the abuse? If you are uncomfortable posting your experiences on the board you can message them to me. Thank you
  2. Yes, your astrological influences have a very important impact on your physical body. Depending on your Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions, among others, you can be more prone to skin ailments like acne or very resilient to any beauty imperfections. You can use this information to better understand and protect your skin. Post or message me your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs and I will give you tips for how to better go about your skin problems. You just need your birthdate, place of birth
  3. Eddie, that's great that you're trying new diet modifications to clear your skin. The main culprits though are the foods that feed the organisms on your skin that infect your pores. A good thing to do would be to start taking digestive enzymes to break down the food better in your intestines. This will prevent it from reaching your skin and feeding those organisms. It will also help clear out old material in your skin and intestines.
  4. T0T, drying your face out makes your skin less protected, but the chemicals counter this by also destroying the food in your pores and also the organisms on your skin. The main culprit for the acne is the food that is being excreted through your facial pores and feeding the organisms that then overpopulate in your pores and infect it. I would pay more attention to what and how you're feeding the unwanted visitors of your face.
  5. Is it on the back of your neck area where you put pressure on? If it is then it's from sweating and making a breeding ground for the organisms that infect your pores. Here are some solutions: Don't sleep on it or put pressure on it after you have eaten, because the food that is now in your bloodstream is being excreted through some of your pores and feeding the organisms that are being pressed into your skin. Wait an hour or two after eating to sleep on the skin area or put pressure on it.
  6. Here's an update. California made it a requirement for soda makers to label a cancer causing ingredient, and instead of just making the change in California the companies will soon change them for the whole country. The article is here if you didn't catch it http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/09/us-coke-pepsi-idUSBRE82814V20120309. Let us hope that GMOs are soon to come. Thank you California!
  7. The allergen test will probably come back with A LOT! of false allergens thatonetime. It is a good idea, but know that the main foods that are causing your system to be breaking down are also increasing your intolerance to a lot of other things. I would advise you to go on an alkaline diet and supplement with spirulina and chlorella. Absolutely NO sugar, no dairy, no grains at all, no meats except for broiled fish or fowl (bird), and no eggs. No fruits either. If you want to heal you must
  8. We can make a difference. Genetically modified food is developed to be able to grow and absorb more herbicidal toxins. Right now nobody knows what food they buy has been genetically changed. Let's all go to http://www.cornucopia.org/2011/12/action-alert-say-no-to-dow-chemicals-ge-corn-petition/ and sign the letter to President Obama so our food becomes more natural. You will change the world.
  9. CrysisAndrew, in my experience, masturbation does not stop you from breaking out entirely. Even if you were to stop for months. I have had people that just came out of military training and didn't masturbate for half a year and they still had acne. And after they went on an alkaline diet and began taking digestive enzymes their acne disappeared in one month.
  10. TheMedic is right tammac09, try staying away from any sugars even fruit sugars and fruit juice sugars. And go on an alkaline diet for a month. You'll notice that you never break out anymore. And use digestive enzymes at meals and you'll see your pimples disappear in about a week to two weeks. And for extra nutrients and to keep your body from yelling at your for more nutrients, get spirulina, and eat more fats from avocados and fish.
  11. Sbaker, your oily skin is from oil. Try eating less oils and sugars, I would stay away from any oil even olive oil and get fat from either whole milk, fish, or avacoados, and some amount of coconut oil. An alkaline diet with digestive enzymes during meals would give you porcelain skin in a month. And cold baths would give you better skin and health.
  12. Jakey21, those are clogged pores. What works to get rid of them is washing them w/ cetaphil and then massaging an astringent into them. And to prevent them from ever forming you could remove what causes them, food. Try an alkaline diet and start using digestive enzymes and they will disappear.
  13. Theoverlord - by eating healthy could you elaborate? Do you eat oils, sugars, candies, greases, fruits? These are the fastest culprits for causing pimples, within hours sometimes if you are enclosing the skin in certain areas. If you would like to list the foods you eat I will look over them. Also, digestive enzymes are the most immediate and quickest thing you can do to get rid of your acne.