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  1. I have to say that as a completely cynical self-admitted superficial son-of-bitch - from a physical perspective - acne is not an attractive trait on a girl. For me that's mostly to do with my own issues with acne & my conceited personality - but I generally assume most people without acne have the same senile perspective for the most part, being that I used to have regular discussions/'guy talk' about these things with all the 'players' in school. However, if the girl is attractive to you in
  2. I definitely haven't had it as bad as you in terms of severity, but as one of those guys who once 'had a life' with all of the popularity, parties, girls etc. for most of my schooling career (despite having acne & wearing make up every single harrowing day), I have to say you're not missing out on that much. Not compared to having a future at least. Though I don't really genuinely know what it's like to have completely clear skin for even 2 months since my experience has been tumultuous at b
  3. Story of my life mate. I'm sure you've had things far worse than me in terms of your actual acne - but I can't believe I let a skin condition take over everything & destroy any sense of self-worth I once had, leaving me with absolutely nothing. I completely understand where you're coming from, being held back from your true potential & being confined to the night like some sort of nocturnal vampirical leper purely because of how your face looks on any given day. Even worse when you're so
  4. Thanks for the kind words mate, it sounds like you really do know exactly where I'm coming from. It truly touches my heart to know that there's someone out there who's experienced something similar. I'm sure you & I would've gotten on pretty well at a party ha. But yer those expectations are what have weighed me down my entire existence. I couldn't get over the person I was meant to be as opposed to the person I was made to be as a result of acne. It well & truly just cripples your confi
  5. So it's taken me a month to even find the courage to make my first post on here. But in reality that's barely surprising considering the complete & utter bullshit that is my pointless existence. If any of you out there think that things are bad & that you've wasted so much time & energy on this never-ending struggle, well, at least this should give you some retrospective hope in that you haven't fucked everything up anywhere near as epicly as I have. I once had a future along with al