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- cleanses the body - jam packed with benefits in the long run - can dried up acne - refreshing effect on the skin (face and around the eyes) - can ease the redness of the blemishes left by pimples the unbearable taste when you're drinking it the first time green tea is good for the body. Everybody can benefit from it when consumed properly. Green tea should be taken moderately as it contains caffeine too. Too much caffeine is no good. I'm drinking green tea like

By jkitty03,

- tightens pores - effectively dries pimples - whitens the skin - cheap, almost always present in your kitchen - the smell, if you're first timer but once it becomes a part of your regimen, this won't bother you at all - some people will typically ditch the egg yolk after separating the whites, sometimes they will get a few tbsp. of whites then what's left goes with the yolk in trash bin meaning there's a waste Most people who have used this, they swore that it's going

By jkitty03,