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  1. I just tell myself that I will survive. But yeah, I cry too if I know and feel that it's really terrible. I also, accepted the fact that I am not blessed of perfect skin and I actually learned to love myself gradually. Even though I don't fit for the description of "beautiful" to other people.. I just say to myself that I needed to be best friends with myself because no one understands what I am gong through and being negative to myself will only make the situation worse. So even I am not perfec
  2. Get get get in line and settle down

  3. Im sort of going through this now. hahaha! it's ecstatic eh! I just hope it will continue to get better
  4. I'm on the same boat. My boyfriend has the nicest skin plus he's fair and pinkish. Well we're together for almost 3years. Yes, there were many times I felt those WHAT IFS.. I won't lie that I still have that WHAT IFS. The funny thing is, on unexpected moments (where I am just being plain me= bad hair days, sans concealer), my boyfriend will stare on my face and tell me "you're so beautiful" out of nowhere. I will shrugged it off or laughed at it sometimes. There was a time when we had heart-to-h
  5. My crazy family My friends cooking for loved ones My boyfriend Watching Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob and Tom & Jerry. (ik they're stupid but it makes me laugh really good) My Ipod games (ik. this is crazy) dancing and singing my heart out A heartfelt book watching cooking shows (TLC) watching Joseph Vincent in youtube
  6. SAME HERE. I can't take compliments seriously. Like a friend of mine will stare at me and will just mumble: "You know, you look a lot better than her" and I was like: "Are you crazy? you're comparing me to a flawless and very pretty girl. As if I will believe you with this kind of face I have. I know I need steel wool to brush off these scars and pimples". But at some point, I say "thank you" because sometimes, I NEED to FEEL GOOD about myself. And I guess, most of us wanted to feel that too.
  7. when a perfect-skin friend of yours complained she had a single pimple on her forehead while you have them all over your face.
  8. Ah,that hands on face while kissing.. kind of romantic. But... I think I couldn't agree more to this
  9. I used to be a baby doll for everyone. Many people adored me, wanted to adopt me so they could dress me up like a barbie, admired me and wish that when I grew up I will look more beautiful, I also dreamed myself I'll turn into one of VS angels, some saw the potential that I can go on auditions to do commercials or anything with media. Unfortunately when I turned 14, I started having pimples. Pimples starts to heal then one pops out on the same spot, on the forehead, on the left cheek, on the rig
  10. Yes. at some kind of lights and whenever I see my face on those moments I tell myself: "look how gorgeous you are".But there are some like in ladies room, when I look at their mirror I will say: "wth! I look so awful! geez. I'm outta here!" so embarrassing.
  11. Yup that's true tried oatmeal mask for my face. It helped soothed my bad break-out that time. It can exfoliate too. If you google oatmeal mask they're recommended usually. I'm not sure though if you're asking if eating oatmeal or applying oatmeal on face is bad for acne. If you don't have any allergy on its contents then it's good for you
  12. I use revlon colorstay liquid foundation then I top it with maybelline clearsmooth foundation it covers my blemishes perfectly
  13. Me too, I hate speaking in front of the class. I hate being the center of attention but... I have a solution for that my not perfect vision. what I do, I read and study my report before I present to the class, and on the reporting day, I remove my eyeglasses so that I will not really see my classmates' expression when I'm talking