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  1. Hello i use tazorac and it has been working and i have used it for almost a year now but whats a good moisturizer to use with this?
  2. boscoman1

    Cleared up skin! Skin looks healthier Skin is glowing hyperpigmentaion oily skin pricy paid 60 dollars! This product has been working great for me so far! I am using tazorac 0.05% and well i love it. Mainly my face is 90-95% clear from this. The only problem is the red marks from acne. Hope they clear up soon!
  3. Ok! Thanks for replying how much should be used and what brand do you prefer?
  4. Thanks for replying has anyone tried lemon juice applied topically? Not sure if I should use it as a toner.
  5. Hi everyone! I have been using my creams as directed by my dermatologist and a lot of acne has gone away but red marks stay behind. It makes my skin look like its not improving Would green tea drinking it help reduce the scars or any other home remedies work? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there (: im currently on doxycycline and have used it in the past. It works great as long as you follow the no having calcium within an hour of swallowing doxycycline. Good luck(:
  7. Hi there guys I have been using Tazorac 0.05% for about 5-6 weeks now. A lot of acne has cleard up but left dark red and brown marks. Any way to clear that up? Thanks in advance
  8. Wow i forgot about this post but i have seen some clearing up since i started but a lot of red marks have stayed behind :/ any fix to that?
  9. Hi there guys a few weeks ago i went to the dermatologist and she put me on tazorac 0.05% cream and doxycycline 100mg once a day and clindamycin phosphate pads 1%I use the pads in the morning after i wash my face and it burned my skin so i have not used them for a week. Should i go back to them and how much tazorac do I apply at night?
  10. Thank you! Best of luck to you too!
  11. Thanks! Also is doxycycline better to be taken at night or in the morning?
  12. Thanks and i have been using retin a since september
  13. Hi there guys i went to the dermatologist testerday an she prescribed me this cream with doxycycline. I was taking retin-a 0.025% so will there be an initial breakout? Thanks guys in advance(: