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  1. Dave from Canada

    inexpensive sticky feeling/hard to wash off Skin does not feel clean. After using pHisoderm (both oily skin and sensitive skin) cleaners i decided to give this one a try because it is a big bottle and cheap. I felt like this didn't clean my skin very well, it felt slippery and sticky even when using it in the shower. The directions on the bottle say "Apply to wet or dry skin. Massage for 30 seconds to maximize cleansing and moisturizing effects. Rise with water or wipe off." Wipe off???
  2. I have tried Specro Derm sensitive skin cleanser (green bottle) but found it very slippery/sticky feeling and hard to wash off. Is the Spectro Jel/Purple bottle much better? I have been using pHisoderm mostly over the past year if that is anything to compare it too.
  3. wondering if anyone has gotten free samples of OTC products? I don't mind buying new things but when i already have several bottles of [whatever] I hate to waste stuff. I am currently using pHisoderm and curious about Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer but don't want to spend money and have stuff lying around getting old.
  4. I'm feeling optimistic about my acne this week. After discovering this site and reading about the regiment, I decided to buy some new products (not nessesarily anything to do with Dan's regiment): Phisoderm pH UP normal/oily skin (have been using it for over a year, doesn't fight acne but it's a good cleanser) -wash 2x daily added BP treatment: Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 5 (5%) -use at night, or spot treat the bad ones in the morning too added Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent (oil
  5. Dave from Canada

    For a BP product, it does not dry too much Use on large area or as spot treatment, depending on your skin. No alcohol I have used this for the better part of a week, followed up with Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent (Oil free). This is a nice strong product, but not overly powerful that it made my skin overly itchy or flaky. It has BP in it, so it's going to dry your skin somewhat. My acne has not cleared up yet but the spots look a bit smaller and less red, and no new z
  6. Let me know what you think of one of the newer Philips, I'd be interested. Is your Braun similar to the current 7 series? I should point out that my neck is my problem area, my doc says I have folliculitis (I have not seen a derm yet though) so I find that the rotary razor kind of "hovers" above my skin, like a little lawn mower that trims the hair but doesn't get too close to the skin. Maybe a foil would irritate my ingrown hair bumps, maybe not, I just know my Philips works for me. Ev
  7. I read alot of reviews of electric razors before buying and came to the conclusion that Braun/foil = closest shave, rotary = less irritating. I bought a cheap foil once and returned it cause it was terrible, but it was not a Braun so I can't say for certain that I wouldn't like a good one. I actually own 2 of the Philips ones. The first one I have owned for probably over a year, a basic corded model that you can't wash. Then I bought a cordless one that you can wash and I think better blade
  8. I used to shave every 3-4 days (any longer than that and I found the hairs too long and cause irritation from shaving.) However I have switched to a electric razor (Philips rotary) and find it to be wayyy less irritating I can shave every day! With electric you must shave regularly because long hairs can get pulled and cause irritation.
  9. Electric (rotary) shaver before showering in the PM. When I shaved with a blade I would only do it AFTER washing. With the electric razor I find that it's best to shave every day, otherwise it can cause irritation, so if I miss shaving in the PM I will shave the next morning. When I used to shave with a razor I would shave every 3-4 days (I don't care about stubble, I rather like it) because it took so much longer for my skin to recover.
  10. I have been using Phisoderm for at least a year now, it's a nice gentle product that doesn't cause or destroy acne. My skin feels quite nice after using it, not excessively dry. I live in Canada and if you check out http://phisoderm.ca you will see that the products look different (and there is only 3 of them) than the one on the US site. I am using the "pH up for oily skin" (similar to pH down for dry skin, but I find this one makes my face feels cleaner). There is also the acne one, which