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  1. i actually had to return the hello flawless, it just didn't do anything for me, but accentuate dry patches on my skin (around my nose).. what I would recommend is Jane Iredale mineral pressed powder.. i used that in golden glow and absolutely love it! the only reason why i don't want to use it so much, is because it's so pricey (i purchased it at a discount price at IMATS) so i'm currently trying to look for something cheaper in the meantime.. have you tried bare minerals? i used their
  2. Have you tried a setting spray instead? I used model in a bottle and it works wonders! i've actually got splashed in the face with water, and my makeup was still perfect and intact.. (and that's hard for someone as oily as myself) the only other "water proof" makeup i can think of is MAC face & body liquid foundation.. because the makeup artist told me it's what celebs sometimes use when they want their legs etc to look "flawless" especially if they are going to hit the pools/beaches et
  3. i too enjoy the EOS lipbalms.. but have recently found a new love for the Jack Black lip products! my lips have been severely dry during this season.. and i wear that overnight and my lips are buttery soft again in the morning.. i'll apply that, and then top it off with aquaphor (to seal in the moisture) and my lips are back to normal.. i really liked the aquafina chapsticks, but i can't find those anymore anywhere ;(
  4. I actually just watched her video last week and was amazed at her transformation. She is very courageous to do that (because a lot of youtube people can be quite mean) and I applaud her for doing it! I just can't see myself wearing tons of makeup like that, but hey it works for her! and i just realized that it was an old video of her, I just saw her most recent videos and her acne has cleared up quite a bit from this video - that's awesome! but i haven't seen a video of skincare product