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  1. According to me diet alone can not cure acne but It can play a very important part in avoiding having acne on your skin. If you be attentive to the healthy diet list which gives you nutrition without excess of oil then you can be sure of one thing that you would be having less acne problems.
  2. <div class="msg Nth">I think oily skin needs moisturizer which does not contain oil and use moisturizer in the day only, I think a gel product will help in keeping the skin smooth without adding extra oil, ans also try to avoid eating oily food.</div> <div class="msg Nth">Hope it would help you.</div>
  3. Nivea is the best one with glossy shine and shimmer.
  4. I was having one on my chin for last two days but now its reduced to its third half. So feeling good good obviously.
  5. I have been using Kimberly Sayer. This is an unique and holistic face and body scrub, this scrub includes all the natural ingredients in it , it also sweeps all the dead skin cells for clean, fresh skin. Hope this can get you out of your problem.
  6. I had two potato stuffed paranthas with bit curd and yes a glass full of juice with it.
  7. I would love to suggest you to use some less oily moisturizer. You can directly go to the store and can have idea from there, also you can have some advice from your parlour operator as they can advise you better by directly looking at your skin type.