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  1. I have given up on soaps and wash my face with 0% Fat Fage Greek yogurt and it is the best thing I've done for my skin and my teenage son's as well. It is also great as a 30 minute mask. I tried this after reading an article about probiotics being helpful topically and internally for acne. Would you mind sharing the brand of probiotics which is giving you good results?
  2. A search led me to an NIH page that mentioned that the formula comes in a cleanser, cleansing cloths, and creams. Do you just use the cream of the cleanser as well? I would love to hear back from you on this because my son's skin responds well to sulfur and I have heard good things about this formula on this forum years ago.
  3. Has anyone heard anything more recent about this research? http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/new-study-could-explain-why-some-243582
  4. We are still using this and like it very much.
  5. My 17 year old son has acne that I think would be considered moderate, but shaving has been extremely difficult for him. He is using a trimmer and it is pulling and tugging and nicking his blemishs. I am thinking of having him try a foil shaver and read some good reviews on the Braun CoolTec. Does anyone have any experience with this shaver? Although he is a teen, he has a substantial amount of hair on his face and neck to shave. His neck is the most troublesome part. Or is there another sh
  6. The same thing happened to my son. He cannot tolerate commerical cleansers. I know it sounds strange, and it smells odd, but consider nonfat yogurt. The greek type is not as messy as it is creamy. All you need is a small amount, rub around your skin, leave on for a few minutes if you like, then rinse. Breathe through your mouth if the smell bothers you. He uses Fage Nonfat Plain. It can also be used as a mask and spot treatment.
  7. Yogurt. Wash with it (1/2 a teaspoon) daily and leave it on as a mask once or twice a week for 30 minutes. My teenage son and I use nonfat Greek Fage. Witch Hazel with no alcohol and added aloe for toning and moisture. We use Thayers Alcohol Free Unscented (it has a mild scent of aloe that is pleasant).
  8. Green Gables retired from the site last year, but she has provided a lot of information on how she cleared her hormonal acne. Maybe you will find this helpful:
  9. The last photo you posted shows a remarkable improvement in just two weeks. Whatever you are doing appears to be helping!
  10. I have a sixteen year old son suffering from acne since age 12. Last year he was prescribed Fish Oil or Flax Oil for his dry eye condition. He broke out immediately from it and I then read that hormonal acne can be aggravated by these omega 3s. When I read that you were going to purchase Omega 3 I wanted you to know to keep that in mind. I wish I had more to offer in the way of what works, but I'm still searching myself.
  11. I got the Humco brand from a local pharmacy. De la Cruz also sells it. It also goes by the name Flowers of Sulfur.
  12. This formula is working out great. It is not a miracle of course, but it works great for blackheads, keeps pores clean without having to use a cleanser, and is a good spot treatment. The only drawback is the sulfur smell, but it's worth it. Sometimes I add a little strawberry juice to the formula to mask the smell. It's also dirt cheap.
  13. My son uses it and I can't smell it on him (affer he rinses it off) unless I am within inches of his face.
  14. I've posted about how I like the De La Cruz 10% sulfur ointment for treating acne. However, I've never been comfortable about the 90% Polyethylene Glycol absorbing into my skin. So I picked up some powdered sulfur and figured I could easily make my own ointment with healthy ingredients. I'm no chemist, but I found that it dissolves beautifully in vegetable glycerin and since I love the effects of topical yogurt on my (and my son's) skin I also add that to the recipe. Here's my recipe for
  15. How about dabbing a little moisturizer or essential oil that has a pleasant smell just beneath your nose so it blocks the scent of the sulfur?