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  1. *shrug* Screw it, too complicated. I'm not going back to smearing crap on my face everyday. It isn't worth it.
  2. Is this your 3rd topic on this? I already told you what it is.
  3. I really hate it when people recommend getting a pimple injected. That is for serious pimples that won't go away, not your everyday cyst. You fail to mention to this guy that injections have a chance of indentation being left behind... Just let it fade. It's a cyst...Don't touch it. Don't try to pop it...Just leave it be.
  4. That site has no "buy product" buttons I can see...Should I look on like drugstore.com for them, lol?
  5. Ugh. Dude... I told you in your other post. It's from Vitamin A over-dose. That's what Accutane is...It's Vitamin A derived. The same thing happens when you take tons of Vitamin A, you get red rash shit on your arm. Use lotion. It'll go away. It isn't ring worm.
  6. Look you bitter-judgemental nerd, fuck you. Now, could you guys please stay on topic? The weekend is slowly creeping up and I just gotta know if I can snort or not. Cheap pitty posts like the one I quoted don't really help anyone, seriously. No, dude, I'm afraid you're the nerd. USE YOUR BRAIN, assuming you have one left! Is it okay to snort coke on Accutane? NO. Do you know why? Because it isn't okay to snort coke even while OFF of Accutane! Durrrr. Is E okay? No. It isn't okay while
  7. What kind are you using? There are a lot of chapsticks out there that are bunk. They don't moisturize, they just strip skin cells off your lips. If you're using Blistex like most people do...Stop. Their active ingredient is Salicylic Acid...The same stuff we use on our faces to strip skin cells off to prevent acne, lol.
  8. Well... I think I give up. It's winter and my skin is SO dry that it's actually starting to hurt. I cannot use lotion because no matter WHAT the brand is, I always get little pimples all over from it. I've been using one that is "non-comedogenic", but that's what they all say, and they all still make me get pimples, so. I think I'm done with Accutane. It's just not the right time of year for me to be taking it. Before, it was SO easy...Just dry lips, now ALL of my skin is flaking because it's
  9. Hey all, I have oily skin and exfoliation problems, so I was looking into a Glycolic Acid face wash or something that was mild and could be used...I dunno, daily, every other day...Something like that. I don't want a 30%+ tat will rape my skin, I just want something that will keep the oil and skin from clinging together and clogging pores, and hopefully will help exfoliate...I'm reading that Glycolic Acid does just that, so yea... Question is: Anyone know a good place to buy a Glycolic Acid f
  10. Lmao. Boys and girls, THIS is the future of our generation. Rediculous. I wish peolpe like this - with no self control, respect, or BRAINS - would just die out. I really do.
  11. Vitamin A (Accutane is derived from Vitamin A) can cause your arms to get rashes like that. My dermatologist said he has no idea why really, but almost everyone on Accutane he's seen has gotten them. Same with people taking too much Viatmin A. I got them my first round too, on my forearms. It also happend before that when I tried to take a lot of Vitamin A (though, a safe amount) to see if it would work like Accutane...It didn't, but I still got those rashes. On my second round of Accutane now,
  12. Gratz. Hope you have good luck with it. I'm on my second course, but I think I just took my last pill today...It's winter and my skin is cracking and peeling and I can't use lotion because they all make me break out, no matter the brand. Lame! Good luck though, man...It's an amazing drug. It made my acne go from horrible (body, face, everywhere) to acceptable on my face, and none on my body...Except this damned Karatosis Pilaris on my arms. Fuck that shit.
  13. Truth be told man, if I saw you walking in the mall, I wouldn't think "Wow, he has such horrible acne!" lol. I wouldn't even notice. Be thankful for what ya' got, man. You're a "Normal" person. A few pimples...Big deal, live life and don't ruin your skin...The rest of us are not so lucky.