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  1. It's been a long four months since I decided to start this regiment, but I feel like I've come a substantial way. I started my own log to document any progress and setbacks I was experiencing during the regiment, as well as to test out any new products I was using. The log comprises the notes from my first five weeks, and then a follow up of where I am today. The most drastic changes occured in the first 5 weeks, and so I didn't feel the need to keep writing past that time. Products you will fi
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied and suggested downing the dosage of BP. It's strange as I'm on my third week, and I haven't even gotten to half the full dosage yet, but I suppose this will be a case of less until my skin can handle it in larger doses. To AKL, when I said I contacted a mods, I meant under the Contact Us page on the website's navigation bar, not specifically a forum mod. I apologize for the confusion. This morning I reduced the dosage to a quarter of the full dosage as
  3. I started the regime following the instructions perfectly for the past 3 weeks, and I'm one of those lucky few who have seen an improvement! Unlike everyone else though, I'm not suffering from flaky, dry skin (was at first, it sorted it self out after switching my moisturizer to a thin layer of vaseline each night), nor the redness, which I understand is normal and will fade with months time. But twice a day, after I apply the small amount suggested of 2.5% BP to my troubled areas, I get a t