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  1. Probiotics do the same thing to me. I would be that it is the cause of it unfortunately.
  2. Yeah so, im ok with what i am. But the bad part is strangers arent not that i should expect them to be, but its the amount of people that arent ok with me that brings me down & angers me.... people with acne should stay away from the city imo nothing but shallow people here its sick. Any of the people who judge you are just doing so because they have issues with who they are - don't let it bother you, you wouldn't want those people in your life anyway. People are going to judge you no matt
  3. I think this comes down to loving yourself - with acne or without. You are not a monster because you have acne.. it makes me so sad to hear that. It is not your fault that you have it and it doesn't make you any less of a person. You gotta be okay with who you are know that that is what matters most.
  4. What you are talking about isn't actually acne, it is Keratosis Pilaris. No one knows exactly why it happens but for me I have found it reflects the amount of inflammation going on with my skin. If I eat foods I am intolerant to it gets much worse. You can use something with salicylic acid in it which will help slough off the dead skin or manually exfoliate. Consuming healthy oils in my diet also seems to help me.
  5. Having acne past the age of 19-20 is abnormal. It depends on how much obviously, but if you're young and you've never had an acne problem, then skin that appears very healthy in real life interactions should follow. Even if you have had acne in the past but it is now gone without scars, the same applies. Acne is relatively common, but obvious acne is abnormal past a certain age. Take a super high resolution photo of anyone and I'm sure you could find irregularities in skin, but that is obvio
  6. For so long I tried to be perfect. To obtain perfect skin with not a single flaw. Let me tell you something: it doesn't exist. Photoshop has us thinking that because we have acne we are not normal. In my findings I think it is more abnormal to have nice skin. Obviously none of these pictures show severe acne, but it is acne nonetheless. They all have makeup on which makes it look better than it is too. All of the models pictures are from fashion week in the past few days. My advice: The
  7. Can't quite say I agree with water fasting for so long myself - although I've never tried it. But I can say I totally agree with what you said about positive affirmations! I read Eckhart Toille's books "A New Earth" and "the Power of Now" and I actually just finished "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Have watched a few of the Abraham Hicks videos as well - really insightful. I have been focusing on positive affirmations too and trying to retrain my thoughts and it really does make a di
  8. I fully hear you on antibiotics not being a walk in the park... the thing is I tried everything natural first! Things I tried internally: clove oil, peppermint oil, garlic, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, oregon grape root tea, burdock root, goldenseal, turmeric, probiotics, l-glutamine, yogurt, an EXTREMELY low sugar diet with not even any fruit, no carbs, gluten free, dairy free and very nutrient dense... and I'm not talking one week, I tried natural m
  9. Hey chelslaw, thank you for your continued support I'm so glad going gluten free had such great affects for you! I'm sure the one bump is just a warning sign to get back into your regular pattern and then it will vanish. I do get regular acne if I eat anything with wheat as well. I think it's your body's way of telling you not to eat what you are eating hehe.
  10. thanks for the support guys Forgot about apple cider vinegar, that's a great idea to balance things out. Staph is something you don't want to mess around with that's for sure... mine isn't staph but part of me wonders how many people think they are treating acne when in fact they have a form of folliculitis? bacterial or fungal for that matter... First day on the antibiotics and using benzoyl peroxide topically - already have had a 30 percent reduction in the size and redness of m
  11. Hey everyone, I have been dealing with a new form of acne for me for about the past 5 months. I cleared all of my regular acne through diet changes and stayed clear for a good year. I then got food poisoned. Then I got a few inflamed pimples on my chin and in between my eyebrows after waxing at home. Ever since then this problem has gotten worse and worse. I have tried topical antifungals, topical antibacterials, even greater diet changes etc. all to no effect. I ate one sugar cookie the oth
  12. Closing this log down. I went to the doctor today and I don't have acne I have folliculitus!!! He says it is bacterial and I will need to go on minocycline. So obviously no amount of diet changes are going to fix that. I ate one cookie and my face flared with 100 pimples on my forehead! Acne does not act like that. I will be making sure to take probiotics with the antibiotics to minimize affects to my system. Starting out on a high dose and lowering down but I will need to be on it for a f
  13. Ugh I am yet again an idiot. I was only taking 100mg of B5 for 3 days and it has broken my skin out like crazy! Actual painful pimples everywhere which I never get. 100mg... most people take like 10 grams!!! My system must be extremely sensitive! So I have obviously stopped taking it. Everyone talks about an initial breakout with it as it pushes all of the crap inside your pores out. I did not think I was taking enough for it to do that. It also affects your adrenal and lowers testosterone.. may
  14. Wow that was a horrible breakout from the jojoba oil! I used to put oil on my skin everyday! It is so hard to tell if what I am currently dealing with is external or internal. Surely it is a combination but to what extent? I've had staph folliculitis on my chin before so it isn't entirely impossible that it is what I am dealing with on my forehead. My digestive issues do correlate to my skin though, so I'm having a really hard time understanding what is happening. I know all of my face
  15. Just wanted to add my 2 cents and say probiotics can DEFINITELY break you out if you have SIBO. They are perfectly healthy for normal people but a large portion of acne sufferers actually have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The small intestine is normally almost sterile and when bacteria enter it for multiple reasons (low stomach acid, slow transit time, problems with the illoceal valve, after food poisoning) then it creates problems. They say a huge percent of people with IBS symptoms a