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  1. Hi everyone, So this is kind of embarassing. I was plucking my eyebrows, and after I was finished, I went over them lightly with a razor. Then I went to sleep. The next morning, there were scabs between my eyebrows. I cut myself accidently very lightly. Now there are noticable scabs between my eyebrows and it looks ugly. What can I do to get rid of these scabs as soon as possible and go back to normal? Thanks, Big Willy
  2. I got Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy Lotion - Skin Solution. Is it ok to use this instead of Eucerin? It seems to moisturize some of the dryer areas of my face (around the eyes and nostrils of nose) better than the Eucerin. Also, I think it may be handling the discoloration better than Eucerin. Please let me know if this is ok or if it will clog pores and produce worse acne. Thanks
  3. I just used BP Gel for the first time and it was a much better experience than the Neutrogena product. My skin isn't dry at all. Do I have to use the Eucerin moisturizer? My skin is not dry at all and no flakiness. Plus I'd like to save the money. Thanks BIG WILLY