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  1. Hey readers! I am currently on my second week of my third month but I was not able to post my Month 2 results! This month was really weird since I was in South Korea for 10 days for a study tour. Although I ran on 5 hours of sleep daily, did not exercise, and ate really delicious/unhealthy foods, my skin got better by the end of the trip. I think it was the cold and dry air because I still strongly believe that there is a correlation between acne and diet. Below is my short diary of my weekl
  2. Hey readers! So I began Dan's Regimen on February 8th, 2013 and I have been keeping track of my progress on my phone. The Regimen includes being extremely gentle, and using large amounts of cleanser, moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. By the time I started this, cysts were already coming back since the time I finished Accutane. Also, I was having weekly breakouts of cysts mainly on my jaw line. For more information, please go check out http://www.acne.org/regimen.html Month 1 Week 1:
  3. Hey guys! I have not blogged about my skin since I finished Accutane. However, I recently started Dan's Regimen (Clear Skin Regimen) and I will make another post about that. However, it has been about one year since I stopped using Accutane and I think it is a good time to post an update. So after I finished Accutane, my skin gradually worsened; however, I will say that my skin has been clearer this year than before I took Accutane. Do I regret taking Accutane? I don't regret taking it becau
  4. Description - Hey everybody! I want to apologize for my delay, I did not forget you guys. I just had too many personal and academic things going on in my life. However, everything has calmed down and I want to tell you guys that I finished my five month on 15th May 2012. My skin is great but there are also some negative effects I will talk about later. I apologize again and happy Olympics! Side Effects - So my dry lips and everything went away pretty quickly and I am now swimming again! HOWE
  5. Description - I combined another three weeks together because everything is going great! I recently calculated how many mg I will have taken by the end of my five months(http://www.acne.org/...ccutane-dosage/). Which I think is about 115mg/kg but the recommended dosage is 125mg/kg; so I plan to ask my dermatologist to give me one more month. However, I must stress that the dosage amount is different according to the severity of acne (some people get almost 200 mg/kg) Side Effects - - VERY dry
  6. Oh and I reached day 100! I just felt like it was special haha
  7. Description - Hey guys! So since nothing major happened I combined the past three weeks. Today I just took my 5th blood test, it's suppose to be my last month. However, I plan on asking my derm to give me 6 months to be on the safer side. Furthermore, since it might be my last blood test I decided not to look away during the blood drawing. Let me tell you, it was pretty nasty even though I am not scared of blood. When I was told to open my fist my blood literally squirted two inches inside the
  8. Description - I just began my fourth month, time went by so fast while on Accutane! So my allergies are gone and I can see my skin improving everyday. So earlier a week ago I went to get my blood test so I can get the meds on time. However, my dermatologist kept delaying and said that I could skip a few days since my face is better. Of course my skin is better because I only skipped one day (I am not even sure). Honestly, my dermatologist is pretty unhelpful considering that I pay $50 every tim
  9. Description - End of another two weeks! So I have started track season and I have much to talk about. First, having allergies and taking Accutane is very bad. From the constant usage of tissue, I managed to get a HUGE blister on the side of my nose! It went away after 3 days (accidentally popped it). Side Effects - - Same old - Minor nose bleed that didn't come out - Back pain - Can't leave without my chap-stick, I have 3 open and used constantly Advice - - Every night apply Vaseline in
  10. Description - Hey guys! It's been another two week and I finally entered my third month!!! Now, I think it's safe to say that my initial breakout was not that severe. This was probably because before Accutane I took antibiotics for my cystic acne. Which worked to a certain degree with very irritating side affects. Therefore, I started taking Accutane when I noticed I was getting use to the antibiotics. These past two weeks was hell, I had a combination of sever seasonal allergies with Accutane
  11. Description - I combined week 6 and 7 because nothing much happened in week 6 and I had finals. So today I got my blood test for my upcoming third month (so fast!). Really I have had seasonal allergies for two weeks now... I think eating Aprodine with Accutane made me get stomach aches so I stopped. Anyways, it's horrible and I bring a huge stack of tissue to school. In addition, I have a very strict diet because of acne and last week my friends called me uptight for it, but I guess they don't
  12. I just noticed the other day... I started having severe acne in 7th grade and it began on my forehead, Then, it migrated to my cheeks and next was my jawline. At one point it even went to my back. I mean it doesn't mean I was totally clear in other areas, but these areas were explosive. I am just wondering if acne shift positions and why?
  13. Description - Yay! Just finished the first week of my second month! Well this week was great! I didn't have one single cyst since almost 1 year or more? There was no flaking and less back pack. I just wanted to add that I have told some of my close friends about Accutane and to keep a close eye on the dangerous symptoms. I really hope that my minor initial breakout is over. For the athletes, so far I haven't had joint problems even when I run for over an hour. I know that I am slowly gaining my
  14. Yeah I am planning on experimenting myself since I LOVE kimchi. If kimchi doesn't break you out then you should just eat kimchi for your probiotic intake since diary breaks most people out. For calcium I changed from milk to almost milk, taste so much better haha. You probably bought activia already haha! So goodluck and keep me posted if it breaks you out or not if you can. Thanks!