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  1. ummm bodybuilders take grams of steroids (androgens) orally all the time. I would say androgens are definitely usable and provide effects in oral form. sure the liver limits its effectiveness compared to injecting, but androgens are def. useable in oral form. so hormones, if they do matter, matter.
  2. why dont you try weighing yourself. Like weigh yourself at consistently every morning after you use the restroom (1 and 2). Your weight shouldn't flucuate that much. How much do the stones weigh?
  3. you know milk causes a huge increase in insulin levels, right? even though it's glycemic index is low, it still causes a surge in insulin. that might be why.
  4. also, caffeine over time can increase insulin resistance. so it's definitely not help.
  5. i dont believe so, but your body can tolerate insulin much better after a bout of heavy exercise. so exercise and then immediately after (about 30 mins) you can eat that food with less adverse effects.
  6. Didn't everyone agree that FFWF was an idiot. His regimen never really worked for anyone, right?
  7. Hey, I can definitely attest to the hair loss/DHT thing. I am still a teenager, and still have a thick, full head of hair. However, I noticed while sitting at school, that each time I ran my hand threw my hair and 2 or 3 hairs would fall out, 5 or 6 in all. (Don't ask about running my hand through my hair... it's an ego thing. I happen to think it looks a lot better that way, and I'm vain. (too bad I have acne) ) There are about 60000 hairs on the head, so it never really worried me.
  8. doesn't anyone have any commentary on this? it really is wonderful information. she just outlined the exact causes of acne and then gave you a million tips on how to combat it and there are just two replies?
  9. Can a mod sticky this? Everyone should see this... I believe this info is very correct.
  10. dont put BP or ice on it. Instead get a towel and run hot (not scalding) water over it. Once it is sufficiently wet, hold it on your cyst for 10 or 15 minutes, making sure to keep your towel hot. That helps, for sure, but I dont know if you can get rid of any cyst in just 3 days. also try putting hydrocortisone on it, except that usually helps more when it is just developing. good luck.
  11. um... i think zinc increases testosterone. http://www.musclephotos.com/zinc2.html
  12. Retin-A micro works, but it doesnt work extraordinarily. I used the highest percentage 0.1%(???) but still got occasional cysts and whiteheads. However, that combined with 50 mg of zinc a day (takes about 3 months to kick in), i am about 95% clear. You have to be patient... i started using it over the summer so the adverse effects would not be seen by everyone. The skin will peel off, and just let it peel, and then use moisturizer to conceal any rough patches, otherwise it looks really b
  13. It's probably just the glycolic acid then... still, I have read of a lot of people getting good results.