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  1. Hey, I have sever cystic and regular acne all over my back and chest, but only get a few pimples on my face. My doctor recommended acutance and I have been on it for three days. I don't know if it will temporarily cause more facial acne but my derm definitely felt it could help my body acne. Hope that helps.
  2. Hey, I was wondering about threading. I usually wax and obviously can't now, but the two times I tried threading I got pimples all over the threaded area. For some reason that does not happen with waxing or tweezing. Any ideas as to why that would happen?
  3. My dermatologist said that it can take multiple treatments. One of the office assistance said that she has had three treatments over the last 6 years. It has been three years since her last treatment and she has not had any breakouts.
  4. My Derm said that if there is hair loss you should stop immediately.
  5. Hey, I am from Utah and have United Health Care. My co-payments are $20 for office visits and my prescription pf Acutane (Amnesteem) is only $25. I was shocked at how cheap it was for me. Thought it was a mistake at first.