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  1. You say you can't ship to Denmark and some other countries, yet they are in the drop down menu at the shipping info... So my question is... can you or cant you? What will happen if I go on with the order? Thanks
  2. Not that I can see any acne :-k
  3. My derm told me that apples and oranges could cause breakouts. I was pretty surprised because i thought all fruits were good/healthy... Anybody know anything about this?? I've never noticed anything when eating these.
  4. Skinoren only made my acne worse I kept using it thinking it took time but after 5 weeks I stopped, it didnt work. Try BP instead, much better...
  5. ^ Same here, i used it for 5 weeks and my acne got worse... Don't try that Azelaic acid shit, go for BP... much better.
  6. I've been on it for 2 weeks. No real results. I've also been doing the regimen for 2 weeks, so it should start working soon. But yeah, the tetracycline will probably take more weeks/months to work :/
  7. So a nodule doesnt have any pus?.. #-o
  8. How long have you been on the regimen? I didnt use a moisturizer the first 4-5 days either and my skin was fine, but then it started to get really dry, and flaking... So I'd say you should use a moisturizer any way, to be safe.
  9. Yea I hate those people who think its that simple.... "Why don't you just use a cream or something" "You eat a lot of chips or what?" #-o
  10. Shoot him with a shotgun in the following order knees--> elbows--> shoulders--> feet--> hands--> crotch--> stomach--> head!
  11. GEt some tissue and pat dry? DOnt overwash...
  12. Been there once before, he put me on azelaic acid to see if it would work. Been using it for five weeks and its done nothing :/ But he will probably recommend antibiotics...
  13. My acne is pretty bad, but I haven't tried antibiotics yet. Going to the doctor on friday and I'm wondering if I should give antibiotics a try first or just ask if he can put me on accutane? I mean there is almost 100% chance that accutane will work, so why not just try that instead of wasting my time on antibiotics if they dont work? I'm tired of this shit... What do you think?