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  1. That's what confused me- 3% I thought was very low! I have never used an AHA before- went straight into using it 2times per day. Other than that I just use skn acne moisturiser and salysilic acid aknicare Spot treatment- actually the area that has become irritated was where I used salysilic acid the most.... So I guess it could be that? I'd appreciate any advice you could offer... Thanks
  2. Hey Guys, I was using a 3% glycolic acid cleanser (by skn) for about a month. This past few days my skin has been getting itchy and burning - mainly around my lips. The skin has formed into little bumps so you can see all of the pores and is a little red. Is this a reaction to the glycolic acid, does this sound like an irriration reaction? Does anyone know how to help the irritation ? How long will this last! Thanks for any help you can give me!
  3. Hi guys, I recently started duac (3 weeks ago) to be used once a day in the evening. Originally I was not using a moisturiser with this, but my skin dried out terribly. So for the past week I have been using freederm oil free moisturiser which seemed ok. but I heard good things about cetaphil so used that last night. The past 3 days I have been getting extremely itchy skin around my jaw line, and as of last night I went to bed and woke up with LOADS of tiny bumps around my mouth area
  4. Just wondering if anyone has had microdermabrasion to help with clogged pores (not spots) just the tiny under the skin bumps! If so, did they help? I would be keen to heard anyone's experience of microdermabrasion! Thanks
  5. Thanks guys, I have been using moisturiser and seems to be helping with the flaking. My new problem is am finding patches of white bumps around my face, like tiny tiny bumps but they don't look like spots? Could they be clogged pores? They feel rough to touch but aren't noticebale unless you are close up. I have 3 now - 2 around my mouth and one on my cheek. Does anyone have any idea what these could be and what I can do to treat them?
  6. Hey Guys, New to the site and have recently been prescribed DUAC by my doc. The first week was fine, have moved into week 2 now and am wondering if I can put moisturiser on over the DUAC gel? My skin is becoming very dry and its not a good look! I would be thankful of any advice anyone can offer regarding helping this dryness? Thanks