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  1. For the last couple of weeks I've had great results with SP too. It makes my skin really dry, to the point where my back was itching like crazy. You definitely need to use moisturizer because otherwise your skin will start producing more oil to compensate for the extreme dryness. Even before SP I noticed that using moisturizer helps with oil production. I don't know about long term usage though. There doesn't seem to be much info out there. Anyone have any info?
  2. I just wanted to provide a quick update. I now know that the saw palmetto is what drastically reduced my oil. I stopped taking saw palmetto after my period started, and the oiliness came back after a few days and I got a couple of pimples on my jawline which indicates hormonal acne. I took one 160 mg pill, and my complexion became matte again. I'm intrigued by what saw palmetto is doing for me, but I am not willing to stop the b5/lcarnitine + juicing regimen. The science behind it
  3. I just wanted to provide an update. It is working! I've been juicing and/or making smoothies every day for about two weeks. Almost every day last week I made two smoothies or juices per day because everything I've made tastes so good. So I'm drinking about 16 ounces a day. I'm also taking B5 and L Carnitine as recommended by the wise Winged Serpent I have reduced my sugar intake, but have allowed myself a bit here and there, and whenever possible have opted for artificial sweeteners
  4. I just tried a carrot and sweet potato blend and it was delicious. But it took my crappy juicer forever to make 4 ounces. Wingedserpent: many ounces of juice are you drinking per day?
  5. I've read up on low dose accutane extensively and decided to order some to help with my mild but extremely persistent adult acne. I did not go through my doctor, and yes, I know that's bad but I want to share this with you all as a cautionary tale. Everything I read indicated that there were little to no side effects so I figured it was worth trying. I even read that some folks went through a doctor and testing was not needed for such a low dose so I did not think this was a risky experiment.
  6. I'm a female in my 30's. I've had acne since I was 14. It was pretty bad during my 20's but it's calmed down a lot. Nowadays, I only break out prior to my period or when I'm extremely stressed. My diet is decent, I use great products that don't break me out, and the acne that I do get tends to be superficial, non inflamed acne that goes away fairly quickly. What's the problem, right? My problem is hyperpigmentation - I have marks on my skin from a year ago. I also have a problem with pic
  7. Hello Wingedserpent - do you have any thoughts on artificial sweeteners? I don't usually have much of a sweet tooth except for when I am premenstrual - and this is a time when I always flare up and I'm sure indulging in sweets exacerbates the problem. I was thinking of making a chocolate almond flour cake using artificial sweetener just so that I get my sweet fix. I also heard that by juicing you were not getting all of the benefits of the fiber and that will result in a spike in your blo
  8. I can relate with everything you are going through. My skin isn't that bad either - with make up, I can make myself look like I have perfect skin. I just have a lot of hyperpigmentation and the occasional pms flare ups - otherwise, my skin is in the best shape it's been in a long time. You'd think I'd be satisfied with this, but I'm not. I have a wonderful boyfriend and I want to do things with him, like go camping, take a shower with him, go swimming, but I don't do these things because I r