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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/tFfrO linked some photos, does this look like scarring or sun damage? it's just roughness in my t zone i can try laser, chem peels, dermabrasiom, retinoids or topical acids or dermarolling.. how should i tackle this ??
  2. The vacation I went on was in state. (just visiting relatives) I drink bottled water when at home. The house I went to has a spring for water, so the bath water would have been better quality... I dont wash my face with water at home though Sun exposure would have been the same. I also go to tanning beds once per week when at home (i get cysts on my back even when im tanning heavily) They have a spring. But I think their water is hard also because they have lots of lime s
  3. Here are the possible causes I have come up with (my diet is the same on vacation and at home) 1)EMF radiation- lots of cell phones/computers and the cable router is in my room. lots of EMF 2) shower water quality (i have been avoiding water directly on my face and using bottled water on a towel to wash with) 3) Old/dirty items like bed and computer chair. 4) overall air quality. I have a hepa air filter but its possible What do you guys think ?
  4. I've tried pretty much everything. Low carb. Wai diet. Starch based diet. I tried washing my face twice a day, and no face washing for month +} tried oil cleansing method... I dont know what else I can try now. Maybe the olay sonic brush?
  5. Eating whole foods is legit. I feel a little funky when I eat coconut oil... a little shaky. When I eat a whole coconut I do not. Same thing happens with fruit juice vs fruit.
  6. I'm thinking Grass fed beef and cooked peeled white potato (sweet potato i dont digest well) Any other items I can add or avoid?
  7. up Also i've tried no soap/shower... and the sebum just keeps coming out.. never stops
  8. Acne is not an inflammation disease. This is non sense. There is a very simple way of knowing. NSAIDS. If acne were a inflammatory disease then NSAIDS would diminish it. Acne is a sebum disease. We must figure out why our sebum is pouring out
  9. Thinking of going on them. Im doign paleo eating, 30 mg zing + copper Lactoferrin Vitmin b6 vitamin A (cod liver oil) multi vitamin / trace mineral magnesium/calcium (algaecal) I've tried both high carb low fat and low fat high carb. Running out of things to try.
  10. I went through 2 bottles of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil also did 25,000 of retinol a day also. still have cystic acne I think maybe the vitamin A was too much and I need to drop it and let my vit D take over. we';ll see
  11. I've taken 2 whole bottles but it never cleared my acne. I've started to wonder if the vitamin A from cod liver oil might have been inhibiting vit D from working. Someone said that places that consume high cod liver oil have a higher rate of fractures --- the vit A blocking the receptor that vid D needs
  12. I'm very scared to put EVOO on my face. I don't know.
  13. The problem I have with carbs vs fat is that the more fat you eat the harder it is for your body to use carbs. So if you go high fat you have to stay on that, i'd rather not stay on that for the rest of my life.
  14. but i feel so much better on it than any other diet. So What ways might I be able to lessen the acne(random Large cysts, not any covered area... like 1-2 zits a week but large ones that take a while to heal.)